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Gender: Female

Location: My room


Just the Truth:

"People often ask me what is my nationality, the truth is I am a mutt.
The reason i call myself a mutt is becuase I come from a verity of nationalities such as Italian Bohemia, Blackfoot -Sioux- Lakota, Dutch, Irish, Swedish, and a lot of other nationalities mixed in that I can't remember lol." ^_^

"I have gone through a lot of strife in my life. My heart felt like it was about to break at one point. Yet I found the strength to make it through all the darkness that found its way into my heart. I am thankful for the few people that stood by me the whole time while this was going on and kept me from drowning in the sea of chaos"

"The past is the past and I am a different person now because of it.
I may smile, laugh, giggle, and even look the same on the outside to people. They may also think that I haven’t change, but when reality sets in and they see me for me. That’s when they realize just how much I really have changed."


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Crystals writings

My thoughts out loud for all to read who wish to.


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Wisteria_Raven Report | 11/07/2018 1:03 pm
heart Thank you for purchasing from my store! Please do come again! heart
Libelula Teatrera Report | 11/04/2018 6:11 pm
Thanks for your purchase. Have a nice day!
Kagemorou Report | 05/24/2018 12:41 pm
Ah I see, I remember some of this from Facebook.


Sorry your adventures have been troublesome. Having taken care of my brother for 15 years I can totally commiserate with you. But I m sure you will push past these hardships
Kagemorou Report | 05/22/2018 3:52 pm
Oho? Come, tell me of your adventures!
Kagemorou Report | 05/17/2018 7:16 pm
Things are great, but busy! I moved from Chicagoland to Southeast Texas to be with my Fiancée, so it's been quite an adventure! But what of you? What adventures have you been on?
Kagemorou Report | 05/15/2018 6:23 pm
We haven't spoken in a while! How are you doing?
Kagemorou Report | 05/14/2018 11:47 pm
HI! ^_^
Hary Starr Report | 04/13/2018 5:14 pm
Thanks for the purchase!!
minswoon Report | 04/10/2018 9:26 am
thanks for the purchase !! heart
sheskull creator Report | 03/31/2018 6:59 pm
heart thank you for buying heart


"May karma bite you on the @$$ 4 all ur wrong doing an have a great day k ^_^"


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Hi all, to those that have purchased items from my store,
it seems some of you out there have your profiles set to private and PMs set to friends only,so I am unable to send messages.
Instead of raking my brain trying to figure out how to reach you all,
I am doing this instead.
Hopefully you see This and read it! So here goes, ^_^
Thank you so very much for purchasing my items. It means a lot to me, and I appreciate it.