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Fogart Report | 06/10/2013 4:30 pm
No biggie, and you're welcome. Sorry, that synopsis took me awhile to type. sweatdrop
I don't plan on playing BioShock Infinite. Think I prefer the watery depths, well, the underwater city of Rapture.
I've got this fondness for water, and well, the ocean. Ah, yeah.. biggrin
Fogart Report | 06/09/2013 9:19 pm
Both games set in the underwater city of Rapture. Bioshock 2 takes place in the year 1968, eight years after the first BioShock.
In the first BioShock you play a regular guy Jack. In the second one, which I like, you play a Big Daddy. The game is centered around finding Little Sister, Eleanor.
She was taken by her mother, Sophia Lamb, after she hypnotizes you and makes you shoot yourself in the head.
In both games you use these things called plasmids that give you abilities like throwing bolts of electricity, throwing flames, hypnotizing your enemy.. and more.
To pay for this, you need ADAM. That's what the Little Sister gather. You can harvest or rescue them to get the stuff. If you harvest, you get the full amount, but they don't survive.
I always rescue them instead, and get less. The rewards are greater in the end. The Little Sisters bring you gifts. Also, I want the best possible ending.
To survive Rapture, you must fight off Splicers. These are people whose excessive abuse of ADAM drove them to insanity.
They want to kill you, and when you try to gather ADAM with your Little Sister, they all come out of the woodwork and go after her.
That's where it gets nuts. xD
Fogart Report | 06/09/2013 8:48 pm
Naw, I don't mind. Thanks. (:
I haven't seen any of the Infinite let's plays. Racism, huh? Well, that's unfortunate..
I rather enjoy BioShock 2. The patch took away the voices of the Little Sisters, though.
I never heard them in the game before I used the DLC, The Protector Trials. They say such cute things.
For instance, to another Big Daddy.. "Hurry up, Mr. B! Don't make me carry you!"
To me they say no such things.. I carry them on my back. They do talk to me, though. biggrin
Using The Protector Trials gave them their voices. It's only a matter of time before the game stops working..
Fogart Report | 06/09/2013 8:15 pm
Oh.. I think like BioShock 2 the best of the two I've played..
Even for all the trouble it's given me. lol I haven't tried Infinite and I don't want to.
I still have yet to finish BioShock 2, but I've put that on hold.
I don't think I could handle the aggravation of having the game freeze and stop working again.
Then having to delete all my save files, then the DLC, and then start over again. Dx
I've had so much trouble with that game I'm starting to think it's cursed or something..
Fogart Report | 06/09/2013 7:57 pm
Oh, yeah.. thanks. It's Big Daddy from BioShock 2, though.
Also known as Mr. Bubbles. blaugh
I've never heard of that game Middens before.
Aoki Mie Report | 05/27/2013 12:54 pm
Aoki Mie
Thank you so much for buying! Please come again (;
Miss-Aegyo Report | 05/25/2013 9:29 pm
Thanks for buying ^^
pawsoap Report | 05/23/2013 3:50 pm
Thanks For The Buy~!
Ookami_Kasuke Report | 05/17/2013 12:54 am
Rainbow page o.o hi.
Slackers-way Report | 05/12/2013 5:14 pm