Name: Ryan
Nickname: Orion
Race: North American
Pronouns: He/Him
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Languages: English (U.S.)

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18th Feb. 2020

As you may have noticed, I don't use Gaia Online as much as I used to. This is because Photobucket no longer hosts images for free and so my Gaia profile, which I was once so proud of, is now useless to me.

Feel free to leave me a private message if you'd like to find out other social media outlets I use & where to find me there. - R.




1. I'm male.
2. I'm single.
3. I'm Native American. (Lakota)
4. I'm a teensy bit Irish.
5. I'm a writer.
6. I live in Colorado.
7. I love European history.
8. I love royalty. (Be-ne-lux, mostly.)
9. I'm okay at Clash Royale.
10. Pokémon is life!

Thanks for taking time to read this!!!


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