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β€’ Pansexual Attracted to Monsters

Came back to gaia after a long Hiatus, I'm a literate roleplayer, send me a post/random pm/ add/ etc to start things off.

If I don't reply in towns feel free to send me a PM, if I don't reply in your thread, just quote me. I'm not ignoring you, I'm just old and tired and work too much to be paying attention, I'll get to it eventually, promise.

I'm nicer than I sound. I'm just terrible at talking about myself.

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Benihime162 Report | 11/06/2018 10:35 pm
thank you for buying heart
Princess Of Pandemonium Report | 11/06/2018 6:58 pm
Princess Of Pandemonium
iCubie Report | 10/30/2018 5:52 pm
your profile background is very soothing
Shonem Report | 10/28/2018 5:14 pm
I'd be down for it anytime, it's good beats~
Thanks for the title, was gonna ask but forgot. haha
Shonem Report | 10/28/2018 5:00 pm
Lovin this profile music.~
Ogumo Report | 10/27/2018 5:57 am
omg so is yours~ thank you very much!
Enouch Report | 10/20/2018 2:52 pm
uhm thank you man
Kanrah Report | 10/19/2018 7:42 pm
I honestly dont know why I like Ryo~ but if you like Devilman - my sister as a matching Akira profile haha. OH- I got into BNHA a few mon. back watched all of s1 -s2 and currently on the last few eps in S3 x__x I love it so much but I dunno why I just like the dub nothing wrong with subs though guess I am just lazy. lol (though I did watch devilman in english too.)
Kanrah Report | 10/19/2018 2:52 pm
Your music is also great btw!! heart
Kanrah Report | 10/19/2018 2:51 pm
Thank you! Ive had the profile since like the start the yr when devilman crybaby came out just kinda stuck haha... Your avatar is cool looking as well!