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Heya! I am Alone, that is what you may call me, or you may call me Fox, or just Red.
I am 15 years old. And I totally rock. Just kidding.
But, I am pretty cool.
I am new to Gaia as of right now, and I really like it, but it is kind of confusing..... but I shall figure it out!

Um, I have red hair. And I love my red hair, even though you wouldn't be able to tell, because I have dyed it so many times. Like a few months ago, I got really bored at a Tennis match with my friend, and I had sharpie's in my pocket... so we coloured my whole head with those colours. It rocked. But, let me tell you, sharpies really dry out your hair, and when you get home from the tennis match, your mother and father will not be pleased with it.... ><

But, I am a /very/ random person, deal with it. ;P

Um, I love kids, oh so much. That is why I babysit all the time. Kids are great... alot better the grown ups whom are always very boring.. I guess that is why I am on these kind of website's cuz even the older people on it, like to act like kids... =D

So, I love music. But, who doesn't, right? The only kind of music I will not listen to is... RAP. I am sure everyone gasped at that. But it is true. I hate Rap. With a passion.
But other then that.... I like all of it.
Favorite bands at the moment:

-Goo Goo Dolls
-Kelly Clarkson
-Snow Patrol
-Death Cab for Cutie
-All American Rejects
-The Corrs
-The Killers
-The Fray
-Fall out Boy

Movies are good as well. And I love horror movies.. so there. And drama.... Right now, I love....... Titanic... There. I said it. I admit I have a problem, and that is the first step to recovery, right?

I /love/ to roleplay. It makes me happy. I roleplay alot. I mean, alot. Like every day. Right now I am roleplaying while writing this, so yeah.

So, to add on to all this, I am craazyyy. Ask anyone of my friends, and they will tell you. I am really not afraid to express my feelings towards others. Unless you mention on guys name, lol. I can't even look at him with out blushing, it is a curse really. But, yeah. You want to talk to me, but to afraid to, go right ahead, I promise I will be friendly, unless, of course you start out our converstion with the question, 'How big are your boobs?' Then, prepare ye to die. Lol.

But, yeah. I love everything. I really do. Expect for P.E. I hate that. With a firey passion. And, I hate people who think they can really sing, but they really can't. That just pisses me off. I know alot of people like that, but I deal with it.

Musicals are my life. I live for them. I lately just finished the Musical Godspell. And I got to play a CowBoy, whom sang two songs. It rocked my socks. Lol. And, if you can't already tell, I love the word. LOL. who doesn't.

But, anyyywaaayyysssss....

Fox says: Good Bye for now! ^.^

-D.n. Angel
And alot more.... xD

mY tOtAlLy SiCk SiG!

And I'll be the one to hold you down. Kiss you so hard. You take my breath away.