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Almost Colorful Kiss

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Birthday: 04/25


I'm Almost Colorful Kiss
I am a taurus (bull) or however u spell it
My favorite animals are pandas and baby brown bears
My favorite colors are bright shades of blue, green, pink, yellow, orange and purple
My absolute favorite quote ever is And so the lion fell in love with the lamb...
I love my best friend Night Time Blanket- shes the best and im happy shes my bff <3
I love candy and sugar and guys and the beach

I love colors! They make the world bright and funn!
Color my World <3 User Image


Edward Cullen!!!

Omg he isss sooooo hott!! 3nodding
User Image Edward Cullen: Forever heart
User Image And so the Lion fell in love with the Lamb!! heart
User ImageUser Image Dazzeled!!!
User Image Sooo cuteee!! heart


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Mr Snooty Report | 07/25/2010 10:55 pm
Mr Snooty
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Lawl. I can see why you like him. I mean, who wouldn't want to see that face when going down on someone's cold, uncomfortable, sparkly bod?
But the truth of the matter, sweetie, is that Edward Cullen is a fictional character in a badly written romance novel, and he will never return your... slightly creepy obsession. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions here, but... You know... Never mind. I can't help but jump to conclusions when your profile is smothered with Meyer's sparkly Mormon grease.
Let's face it. You're probably old enough to have moved on. True, some women in their 50's are obsessed with Edward (Twi-Moms, anyone?), but they are a product of an underactive sex life and a burning, unconscious desire to be young again. Think 'cougar complex.' But my point is that you need to move on and try some grown-up books. Want a hot paranormal romance? Try Annette Kurtis Klaus. Want a book that is actually good and requires thought so you don't lose I.Q. points as you're reading, unlike with Twilight? Try Robert Jordan. Want passion and an exciting will to survive? Try reading real-life problems and go for Dave Pelzer, just so you don't lose your sense of what is real and what is fake. Some classics couldn't hurt as well. Seriously, if you're that obsessed with the inexperienced and badly written trash heap that is Twilight, then some Dickens will do you some good.
I'm afraid that going by face value alone, I think you have reached a level of obsession where it is unhealthy and you need to move on. Take a break from Twilight for a while. Go out and enjoy the sunshine for once to give that pasty skin of yours a nice tan. Mature a little and open your mind. Hell, you might even come back, pick up Twilight again, and realize, "Oh wow. This is complete and utter s**t." And if that's the case, then I say you deserve a pat on the back, a large strawberry margarita, and a party to welcome you to the real world of adults, where kiddie play time is over.
Cupeco Report | 07/25/2010 10:29 pm
I would just like to tell you that your taste in literature sucks and that Edward Cullen is not real, vampires do not sparkle and that you should pull your head out of your a** before you drown any further in your delusions and all consuming dreams. You do realized that Bella is a necrophiliac for sleeping with Edward, that in the real world she would have aborted her baby and that vampires are incapable of reproducing? I would also like to point out Meyer did no research because the so-called werewolves are actually based on Native American skin-walkers and her vampires are not vampires at all but actually a sort of faerie? :3 If Meyer is going to create a race, she should also at least make a reason that they are the way they are, instead of just justifying it by saying generations of mythology and literature is wrong. Bella is a nobody, a klutz and a tramp. A normal vampire would not give her (or any other mortal girl) the time of day except maybe to sleep with them and then feed on them. If Edward had half a brain he would realized that it was stupid decision to fall in love with something that would die when he could not, obviously he didn't care about his feelings or hers. The sex was poorly put together because with an aftermath like they had Bella would have been ripped apart inside and out as well as probably black and blue head-to-toe. The characters are poorly crafted as well, neither having real depth, decent back stories or unique appearances or interesting flaws or personality traits, as a matter of fact, Jacob is probably the only character in the entire series with any real personality dynamic, the only character worth reading about... Anyhow, I'd love to continue ripping this book apart but I have better things to do, like read a real book instead of some cheap, PG-13, vampire erotica wannabe.
Faceless Shadows Report | 08/02/2009 10:37 pm
Faceless Shadows
SSVegeta21 Report | 08/02/2009 1:18 am
wat blue thingy? my shirt and pants?
Faceless Shadows Report | 08/01/2009 11:44 am
Faceless Shadows
Toxic Crayola Curse Report | 08/01/2009 11:33 am
Toxic Crayola Curse
Outrageous_Paige Report | 05/12/2009 8:06 pm
Thats okay biggrin
Outrageous_Paige Report | 04/24/2009 12:15 pm
Happy birthday!! razz
(got the messege in my inbox smile
MoochiLove Report | 03/06/2009 6:51 pm
No doubt, just tryin to keep those i know close and those i haven't a clue away, Peace out
Schro Dumb Report | 03/01/2009 9:51 am
Schro Dumb
Thanx XD i got them from photobucket

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