The names Allyson.
I have a boyfriend and he's the only guy I'm interested in.
I fricken hate being lied to.
I need a hair cut.
If I had a dollar, I'd buy me a crocodile.
I lurv my doggy, Kudo.
I spend my spare time in Gail's closet.
Green is my favourite colour.
I like spelling colour and favourite like that, sue me.
I've always wanted an english or australian accent.
Being paranoid is one thing I'm really great at.
I can be really cruel sometimes. Only if I'm in a bad mood or pissed off at you...and when I'm hyper..when I'm bored..
I'm always hungry.
The Science Channel is awesomer than you.
I don't understand anime nor do i like it.
I feel really bad when I see animals get hurt.
Music is the best thing ever.
Candy and food are very close to music. VERY close.
I wish I had a pet dinosaur... like a Brontosaurus..
I don't really know when I kick or punch someone..it just happends. I only notice until after.
I get easily jealous on certain things.
At 1st I'm quiet but when you get to know me..daym.
Karate is okay.
I'm sad that I don't have fuse anymore and that I'm stuck with MTV which I don' watch anyway.
I like conversations with interesting people.
I can't have a good conversation if you don't say anything I can't really reply to. Then the conversation just dies and goes bye bye.
It's really gay that I wrote all this here.



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uhh hi..



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i get gold for commenting youuuu

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your signature made me ROFL!

~The Slytherin Princess~

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how are you??

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Jedi Master Yume

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Jedi Master Yume

The Ron/Harry thingee in your sig made me laugh so hard!

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Love your Harry Potter sig!
memo rocks

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memo rocks

copy/paste this to 10 ppl and then press F5 and F9 and you will get 100,000 gold
memo rocks

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memo rocks

im booooooooooord !!
memo rocks

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memo rocks

hay did u forget about up i ask u watzzzzzzzzzzzzz up u didnt answer me
memo rocks

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memo rocks

so watzzzzzz up ?!?


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