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Hello there!

I'm the Doctor.

Just the Doctor.

Nothing special, just your average Time Lord, two hearts, one mind, so on and so forth. Not much more to me. I'm quite the simple bloke, by anyone's standards.

Recently I’ve taken up two companions and I do believe I’ve found something more than an adventure…

Captain Jack Harkness, the biggest flirt in the known Universe, after almost 200 years that still hasn’t changed much. Still defending earth, fighting for those he loves, good old Jack. I’ve always run away from him, Jack being a fixed point and all, but I realize he’ss the one constant in my life. It’s a little strange, frightening…I’ve never had something constant before…. –blush slightly and clears his throat- Well, moving on.

Not only have I got my good Captain back on board but to my surprise a young man named Ianto Jones. I’ve only come across him a few times as a child, much too young to travel with me, but that’s all changed. Now I can see he’s grown up to be quite the remarkable man and I’m honored to have him as my companion…looks smashing in a suit to…-dreamy eyes-

-bright red-

Whot? Alright, I confess, more than companions. Don't ask HOW or WHY, because even I can't fathom that. It's just...

Nevermind. Anyway...they’re off limits. So don't get any ideas. I know Jack likes to flirt, but don't take that as an open invitation to take advantage of him and that goes for Ianto Jones as well. I know he looks immaculate in a suit but please refrain from hitting on him.

Anyway, must be off...giant three-eyed monster chasing after me. What wonderful things a son makes for his father. >x>



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"Part Time-Lord ,Part human. Oh yes.
That was a two-way biological metacrisis. ..."

Hello there , spaceboy ~

"......Half-Doctor Half-Donna.The Doctor Donna~ "
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Oh I'm sorry...I'm sure he'll get better though...

Um I'm totally doing better. I still have to take medicine for me being in the hospital earlier, but my leg is doing better!

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Hope everything is ok
How's your dad and aunt?

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I know you're probably just checking stuff but I just wanted to say that you are missed
Biological Metacrisis II

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Biological Metacrisis II

-raises his hand-
You have my word.

-he gazed at his twin for a lingering moment before taking a few steps forward-
So... You'll do it? 'Cos... I think we should start as soon as possible. We're sort of running out of time and I still want to add a bit of music at the end...
-he pulled his digital camera from his pocket and looked at it thoughtfully-
Biological Metacrisis II

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Biological Metacrisis II

W-Well... let's just say we wouldn't exactly be nuzzling noses.
Biological Metacrisis II

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Biological Metacrisis II

Weellll, not exactly, no.
-he paused, hesitating before speaking again, trying to seem casual-

I was thinking something more... intimate. Something he can really enjoy. You know?
And you know Jack - if there's one thing he enjoys thoroughly it's intimacy. Especially... us two. You n' me, I mean.

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Little Morgan smiles as her father promises her food. but her eyes light up when the TARDIS is mentioned. "Tardi? Beweeys and Tardis?" she asks with an innocent blink. She really did love her Mother TARDIS. She loved the warmth feelings she gave her whenever she was sad. And the soft hum that she played when she tried to go to sleep. "Lub Tardi..."

((I can switch over to Timelord Tea and play her as older if you want?

How are you btw?))
Biological Metacrisis II

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Biological Metacrisis II

Brabda, blimey. I haven't been there for ages. I took Rose there a couple years back. She nearly did the same thing - good thing that lot loves gambling. I managed to win our way out through a Poker game.

-he smiled softly, arms crossed; at the Doctor's question, he shrugged slightly- We're good. Great, actually.

-finally he decides to give the topic a try, but still wanting to go slowly-
Yknow, Jack's birthday is coming up. Well, what he has claimed as his birthday. He doesn't really like celebrating it much, you know him, but I still like to celebrate it regardless. This year I was hoping you could help me with his gift.

-he takes a slow step towards the Time Lord, eyes soft, cautious- I want to make Jack a video. Something he can watch and enjoy when I'm not around. Well, when neither of us are around.

{{ xDDD. }}

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Ianto smiled at the scene. "Don't have too much fun now..." and with that he left to go find his other lover.

Morgan giggle at the Doctor's affection, nuzzling intohis neck. "Daddy...hungwy..." she says, pouting as she rubs her tummy. "Beweeys?" She asked, wanting her favorite fruit snack.


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