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Hai Im Alli emotion_bandaid
I've pretty much quit.
SO. I suppose i'll do this aswell seems fun and stressful

Edit: Un-quit for zOMG!

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✖ Sambray
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Welp I remember the first time seeing you in bills in front of dmp, I was so damn nervous I was all "OMG THAT'S THAT CLAN LEADER I HOPE SHE NOTICES ME." so I added you and got declined. //so nice much wow
But yeah the second time I added you at the hive party and since then you've become someone I kind of look up to, in a I hate you sometimes way♥
Clan meets have always been fun and I hope that sometime in the near or far future they continue, I would try to do them myself with Ross but a SSS clan meet wouldn't be the same without you ♥
Friends forever spongebob. AWOOOOOOOOLULULULU
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I honestly don't remember when I met you, I mean I wish i did bc it was probably amazing but gosh darnit I can't remember jack. but anyways, Ross the difference between you and others I've met is simple, you're alive with you after zOMG! got s**t on you're one of the few to even talk to me still, and freak out about boys in video games, and introduced me to the one person who matters the most to me now--that doesn't matter anymore...., we have a lot in common even if its just a pillow on your head making you blonde. I miss that creepy smile that you used to always have on your avi, and I hope that we can keep our friendship within that Skype chat and random games you guys all decide to play. I still don't know what el psy congroo means I should probably look it up.
Anyways back on topic Rose you're one of the few people I still consider a close friend from Gaia, and you're like the sister I never had ♥. even though i have one BUT THAT DOESN'T MATTER

OH and you're birthday is October 23rd I'll only remember if i leave it here maybe

Casey you were always fun to crew with and talk to even if it was about what you and your bf do //dead either way gurl I miss you and I'm writing this so that if you ever check back you'll know I still think about you♥.
The things I do for love.
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Pokemon x/y -- ORAS
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