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Hello there ^_^ Welcome to my little slice of Gaia. I'm Alleonh, Alle to my friends and those who are just too lazy to type Alleonh (shame on you, you lazeh bastids! >.< wink

Currently I am 24 years old, and in college, though the major is still debated. I've kind of flip-flopped through every major known to man. I currently have an Associates degree in Psychology, but I have absolutely no friggin idea how that happened. Yeah, I know how that sounds... but really, if you knew me, you wouldn't be that surprised. >.>;

I've been on Gaia for a few years, long enough to get caught up in the rush for items, and to fall out of that love. I think it might have happened around the time that the cash shop came out. DX I no likey the idea of rushing for items before they are taken away (not counting donation items). I think it's just a con to get money. (lmao Alle = unpatriotic Gaian). Aaaanyways, all of that amounts to me currently being a slacker Gaia with no ambitions whatsoever. As you can probably see, I finally got demon horns, and am pretty damn happy the way things are. Seriously, I'd probably have left Gaia for good by now, but SOMEONE won't let me. v.v Isn't that entrapment?

Let me see, a little more about me as a person. I tend to have a pretty weird sense of humor in that I usually laugh at things that are "important". I'm a big believer that everything happens for a reason, and so that's made me slightly laid back when looking at the world. Yup, I'm a Christian (*le gasp*) but you won't see me beating anyone with a Bible since there's no need in my judging anyone when I have so much that needs situmuating in my own life. But I try to live right and not screw people over, and I have what has been called an "overactive fairness hormone" in that I tend to obsess about everything being equal and fair. Obsessive compulsive? Oh you betcha! ^_~

Current Likes:

Video Games
Stargate Atlantis
Doctor Who
Richard XD FOR PONY!!!! D<

(I'll be more specific later lol)


DRAMA (for serious, I dun like it >.< wink
Hackers, scammers, botters, blah blah (fairness hormone, remember?)
Whining (my ears, they bleed!!)

(there's more, I swear)

Me and mah Lulu!!! <3

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Durem Pride Bishes!!!

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For PONY!!! D<

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The_Nite_Angel Report | 04/29/2012 7:22 pm
Seems like your comments have been non existent since 09. Thank you so much and hope you stick around longer than you're planning
mandi ish nanatastic Report | 11/02/2009 8:10 pm
Are you on Roliana? Cuz if you are, I think you might remember me, i had an avi with the same name as this one and got banned from there.. Just curious if you are.
KiyokoBunny Report | 10/14/2009 9:13 pm
thanks for buying :]
soggymeatball24 Report | 10/08/2009 9:09 pm
Damn. Well thank you anyways ^^
soggymeatball24 Report | 10/08/2009 4:21 pm
Hey random comment but I saw you were selling Hack in the market place.
How did you unsoulbound it?
Or did you never use it?
Thank you :3
Mistress Falulu Report | 06/20/2009 3:52 pm
you gots on Gaia
I saw eet
N3gat1ve Zer0 Report | 03/29/2009 12:01 pm

haven't heard from you in a while. o.O

what's up?
iSpyX3 Report | 09/17/2008 4:40 am
hey havent talk to you in awhile stoping by to say hello
Blood King Report | 07/20/2008 10:46 pm
it's a rat? I thought it was a possum for some reason. xDD;;;
Blood King Report | 07/20/2008 10:03 pm

Same here. -isn't wearing the shirt- -SHOT-