Time didn't take anyone far,
Space didn't collide,

hello mtv i'm jack and welcome to my crib
i'm in my 20's, i forgot my age i think it's around the midst. but oh well. I am in fact tied to my wife with a chain of pure responsibility and kudos married to a woman named abbygail and may or may not has a son [i'm not sure i think we picked him up from walmart or something]
I work two jobs because i can
"sorry son but your procrastination era is over"

I'm not online as frequent now that i have a new boss [love you, wifey] @ home
and i was a free bird when i made this account [not that i'm implying that i'm chained to the whole marriage concept or whatever. still love you babe ]

anyways i'll be on when i have time and reply to the PM's
keep 'em coming, though. it's somewhat an evidence that i have friends lol

A keeper's Lost
A failure's win.