Hello everyone its me the grunny man. Im 12 years old and i go to kennedy middle school. Fun but dangerous place if you ask me. My favorite color is green FYI:thats y i am a grunny. Well im just super sexy. My grlfriend is thats none of ur bussnes so bak up with those questions. K now that we got that through. Im really sexy (again) wow was that da ja vu! Well im from eroupe great place i miss eroupe T.T . Sorry for that moment well this typing is getting kinda boring i dont now y i even did this? O well i guess i am gonna give a shout out to my people for all that had helped me and now some r down in there grave. Remember VOTE ME!!!!!


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Hi my name is samed delic.Im 12 years old.I go to Kennedy middle school.My favorite color is green.My friends are Kevin,Tammy,Houng,Kelly and DeAlenn.Im a get sweet to the point kinda guy so i dont got alot of words to say.Well im realy smexy i guess



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Elaine - sugar high

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Elaine - sugar high

Happy Birthday! (sorri bout meh bing so late on that....)
xD =D

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This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.

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hey its my old profile if any1 found out that password and ur on it right now (krista) ur dumb cuz i moved everything on this account before any1 else got to it i have a secure system on my profile so BEWARE!!!

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Ignorer I dont like u neutral

nvm bout everythin i send u

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hi samed im huongie sis

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i have another cuttlefishie ^^

i dont no m gonna name it???

help me think of one

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^^ i name some of my cuttle fishie after u n guess how old r they ^^

goldfish-5 day-samed
cuttlefish-58 days-dylie
goldfish-5 day-dylie
goldfish-5 day-dylie
cuttlefish-56 day-loved u*random*
arrow fish-40 day-huongie
cuttlefish-49 day-samie
cuttlefish-46 day-samie
cuttlefish-51 day-happiness*random*

dat it funny huh^^ i name my fish after me 2 but they dead cux wen i got my gaia backie

they deadie

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oh srry

i need 2 save 4 my bff christmas present

srry cant help

u say u got hacked report it

m sad my bff bought the jacket m wearing which i suppose 2 buy him neutral neutral neutral neutral

n he bought the heartbreaker jacket which i decide 2 bought him neutral neutral neutral neutral

how come u dont on offten no more

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oh yay!!!

samed ur finally on ^^

smile smile smile smile smile