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A L I V E ____ T H E O R Y

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'Sup bitches. I'm Alive Theory if you couldn't tell from the letters above this. I've been on Gaia since April of '08 (to your knowledge), so you can say I've been here for a while. I'm pretty easy to get along with, just don't be a lying sack of s**t in a pathetic attempt to impress a guy who can see right through your pathetic attempt of friendship. Random requests aren't frowned upon, but probably won't be accepted if we haven't spoken to each other before. It should also be said that life happens, and sometimes I just vanish from Gaia. It's nothing personal, but the Gaia mobile app kinda sucks. If you want to stay in touch, you can find me at the links below.

Twitter // @BlanketNoises

[********] // Blanket Noises
Xbox LIVE // Blanket Noises

Now getting a little personal because that's how I am, I'm in the birthstate of Nirvana, Washington. It's better than Florida. If you want to argue that, come up here when it snows you Floridian commie. I can also art. If you ever see my signature on the forums or something, I drew that in about 7 minutes. I typically don't do commissions, but sometimes I offer handouts. There are plenty of better artists than me, I'd ask them before I ask myself. I also play bass and piano, and no, I'm not in some shitty garage band, yet.

I'd also like to clarify a few things about my time here on Gaia, this used to be my primary until it got hacked, then it was only used to play zOMG because all that stuff was frozen. Since zOMG is back, this account will only be online to play zOMG. If you recognize any the user names listed below, those all have belonged my accounts from 2008-2015.

The Fallen ODST
Teh Fallen God

Teh zOMG God
Soul Ravine
Social Redemption
Dead Theory

Alive Theory

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