Main Account: Viice

Name: Model 002 -- Alice Lamb

Race: Enhanced Human // Cyborg

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Age: Despite appearing to be in her mid twenties, Model 002 is technically five years old. Because of growth hormones and genetic enhancement, she was full grown after only two years, at which point she stopped aging entirely upon reaching optimum physical fitness. After a regular human lifespan her organic organs will begin to decay, and she will require replacements. The rest of Alice, however, is self sustaining, and she can preform the operation on herself if need be. Through enhancement she is able to learn quickly and retain a wealth of information despite her technical age. She can speak 14 languages fluently, any others could be downloaded in less than 15 minutes time, and Alice has been trained to identify micro expressions to help determine whether a person is lying or hiding their true feelings and intentions. Normal social cues are not lost on her, though she may choose to ignore them.



Not only were Alice's five senses enhanced, but she was also implanted with a series of micro computers to enhance her learning capabilities. Her bone structure was coated in a nearly indestructible alloy, and certain emotions, namely fear, empathy and compassion, were diluted to make her a better soldier. Certain body parts were removed and replaced with completely robotic replicas, such as her eyes and both her arms and legs, as well as many organs; she has an inorganic heart and parts of her brain have been modified.

The artificial heart can pump a collection of liquids to various parts of her body, each serving a different purpose. Oil, recycled hydraulic fluid, and blood all travel through a sophisticated circulatory system, blood going to the vitals in her midsection and to her brain, black hydraulic fluid going to her artificial limbs, and oil to lubricate her mechanical parts.

Because Alice can use oils from the food she eats as lubricant she doesn't require oil changes. ;O


One of the gene modifications done by BLOOM were major enhancements to her skin, including a rubberized covering over a collection of tiny poly-carbonate platelettes [the width of a few normal skin cells]. Each platelette attaches to the one next to it which could rearrange in rigidity to form a variety of textures and shapes. This allows her to lift and reform her skin for various uses.

For example, if under gun fire, the plates of her skin can move and rearrange to one side, and she could hold both arms up so the "skin" from either side could connect and form a shield leaving the mechanics of her arm underneath exposed behind the shield. They can also change to form bladed weapons, their edges sharpened to a tip no thicker than a few cells.

Alice's skin can also camouflage to her surroundings to make her nearly invisible against textured surfaces. Her synthetic hair can become clear by applying an electrical charge, which changes the crystalline structure to allow light to pass through.


Alice has the equivalent of a photographic memory; she can take pictures and videos with her eyes and save them as reviewable files. Data can also be fed across her vision, such as warnings about malfunctioning parts of her body, information on targets, and caller identification for when she is receiving phone calls. Like the lens of a camera, she can zoom in and out with her pupils and adjust focus as necessary.

Energy Source

Alice can obtain energy either by eating or through solar power, she is resistant to any form of intoxication and she can survive one week on solar power alone. When out of energy, she will save all new data to auxiliary file storage and shut down until manually connected to a power source via the plug on the back of her neck [extension chord included ;D].

Recent Visitors



Origin: Model 002 was human once. Like a handful of babies born in her generation, Alice was donated to science when she was only an embryo by her mother, Morgan, to a top secret military facility known as BLOOM. It was a promise of another chance for babies that would have otherwise been aborted or abandoned, and with this promise it adopted the name "Project Mercy". The children were to be enhanced into super-soldiers who would be held in the highest honor, sworn to serve Gaia Prime by fighting in her wars and protecting her innocent. Naturally, BLOOM also held that all experiments performed would be humane, an the babies would not be raised into a life of suffering.

Unfortunately, BLOOM had little room for ethics in it's agenda. The enhancements to the donated children's DNA forced maturity at an unnatural speed. Alice was one out of a handful who actually survived this process. She was treated like a machine, like property, even before all four of her limbs were replaced with weapon-ridden prosthetics. When they were, she was not put under for the operation. BLOOM's men of science wanted to test her endurance, to see how effective the enhancements actually were, and to see how much stronger their new super soldiers could actually be. It was hit or miss with every child, and they knew this. It all depended on how their bodies took to having their DNA altered.

Alice remained awake under a silent audience of scientists while her arms and legs were removed. Surgical lasers were used so her wounds would be cauterized immediately and she would not bleed to death before the prosthetics could be added. This is the root of her most horrific memory; staring up at the reflective glass ceiling and seeing her own limbless, screaming form staring back at her.

Similar operations and tests were conducted, but as the cyborg prototypes began to near completion, rumors of Project Mercy began to leak. At a cooperate level, BLOOM was unwilling to have any negative publicity, and they ordered that the project to be shut down immediately, before the public caught wind. All evidence of the operations had to be destroyed, and that included Alice herself, and any other cyborgs.

One of the doctors responsible for Alice's care, however, was unwilling to part with what had become his life's work, his brainchild. His name was Michael Hawk. He stole her before she could be destroyed by BLOOM and kept her for himself, obsessed with completing her and having for himself a prototype of the perfect walking weapon...a thinking war machine.

With both Hawk and Alice missing, BLOOM washed their hands of Project Mercy and carried on with more lucrative enterprises. Some believed in the Project Mercy Conspiracy, and others chalked it up to an ugly rumor, or smear campaign against BLOOM. Meanwhile, BLOOM paid off the government to enlist Hawk and Alice as dangerous, wanted criminals, instructing law enforcement to shoot to kill on sight.

Elsewhere, Hawk had re-booted Alice under the impression that her memory would be wiped in the process, but he had clearly underestimated her. Most of her brain was still organic, over time she could vividly recall the procedures BLOOM had mercilessly conducted on her and the other children because they were so traumatizing. Soon after being rebooted, she eliminated Hawk in an equally merciless manner.

Her memories of what happened at BLOOM are incomplete, but she knows better than to trust anyone associated with the organization. She has made it her goal in life to seek and destroy everyone who had a hand in Project Mercy and it's crimes against humanity.



We all have them, and Alice is no exception. The best way to ruin Alice in a fight is to somehow force her to look at her reflection. Alice hates mirrors and hates seeing herself after being forced to watch during the operation mentioned above. It reminds her of her most vulnerable and powerless moment. The concept that she is incomplete is also somewhat maddening to her, but specifically that she cannot reach her full potential without BLOOM. Pigmentation was never added to her skin, hair and eyes, which is why she is ghostly white all over. Drawing attention to this is one way to distract her from a fight, but it must be very well done to be successful. Simply pointing out that her skin is white is not enough.

Her midsection is also a weakness, because though her arms and legs are bionic and incredibly strong, her torso is mostly natural, and thus nearly as vulnerable as any strong, natural humans midsection would be. Her genetic enhancements allow faster healing, but not immediate healing by any means.

Alice has no resistance to magic, so those of you who are magi wielders all she can really do is try to outsmart or out maneuver you, but for those of you who are elementals, see below.

Can Alice be Electrocuted?

No. If you have a character who manipulates electricity, you can't just make Alice go bananas, sorry. Sure Alice's arms and legs are made of a metallic alloy, but it is covered in rubberized poly-carbonate, as mentioned above. Her systems also have surge guards. She can reroute any sort of over charged electrical surge through transformers and redistribute the energy to any of her systems
if not a direct re-arcing of the original overload. OR she can ride the current through her body and ground it.

Alice has exceptional control of the electrical currents flowing through her body. She has to be, otherwise the currents could effect the organic parts of her body simple terms, ******** s**t up for her pretty bad.

Metal Storm


Metal Storm // Arm Guns

Both of Alice's arms have a skeletal structure identical in architecture to that of the human body. However, the arms are constructed of linear carbon nanotubes for superior durability. In addition, when Alice’s exterior folds away, she reveals that she has seven long metal cylinders arranged circularly around what would be her Ulna bone. These tubes are closed at one end, open at the other and similar in appearance to a modern Gatling gun. Aside from the gun’s barrels themselves, there appears to be no outward mechanism aside from what binds the weapons to Alice’s "Ulna". The device is simplistic and saves space, with the barrels of the weapon being barely an inch in diameter.

The weapons operate on the Metal Storm principle to save space otherwise needed for ammunition, to raise the rate of fire, and prevent jamming and other mechanical failures. The metal storm principle is that caseless ammunition is stacked on top of itself down the barrel of the firearm. The chemical propellant is then lit by an electrical pulse from the barrel of the weapon, eliminating the need for mechanical parts. The bullets nearest to the muzzle are fired first, followed by the ones beneath them, which eliminates the need to cycle cartridges. In the case of a misfire, the bullet beneath the dud will simply push the dead round out of the barrel. The weapon is impossible to jam, and nigh impossible to break since it only consists of a barrel. In addition to the durability, and compact features of this weapon, because of its reliance on electrical impulse instead of mechanical cycling the rate of fire is only limited by programming. It is quite possible to reach up to a million rounds per minute.

The cartridges fired by this weapon are ballistically similar to the 6.5 Grendel. It fires 90 grain bullets with a full copper jacket. The bullets have a muzzle velocity between 2,100 and 2,200 feet per second and muzzle energy of around 1,800 joules. Alternative ammunition is possible, although the length of the bullet would affect ammunition capacity. As it stands, with the aforementioned bullet, each barrel’s capacity is 6 pre-loaded caseless cartridges. A forty two round capacity in total between the seven barrels.

The weapon fires in two round bursts at the aforementioned rate of 1,000,000 RPS. Such is the speed between shots that the second bullet will be leaving the muzzle before recoil forces are felt, allowing both projectiles to strike not only the exact same target, but the exact same point on the target. This will compromise many forms of body armor and protection, because the first round will impact to weaken defensive measures, and the second round will impact the exact same point to exploit this weakness for maximum penetration. Each barrel can fire three bursts before it has expended all six of its loaded cartridges. The barrels will then rotate around Alice’s 'bone' in an action similar to a Gatling gun, and bring a fully loaded barrel into the firing position. The firing position is along the outside of Alice’s forearm, in line with her pinkie so that she may quite literally designate a target with her pinkie and then shoot them twice with the weapon in the blink of an eye [though not literally]. She shoots the same way we lift a finger, the same way we clench a fist; she thinks shoot, and her body obeys.

Alice Lamb