Alice Baskerville (アリス)
Name: Alice/ B-Rabbit
Age: 113 or 13
Gender: Female
Height: 150 cm
Affiliation: Pandora's Member
Base of Operations: Vessalius Mansion, Rainsworth Mansion, Pandora Headquarters
Occupation: Chain
Contractor: Oz Vessalius
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The heroine of the story with the height of 150cm. Alice first appears as a chain that persuades Oz to form a contract with her in the Abyss. In fact, she is actually the infamous B-Rabbit (Bloodstained Black Rabbit), the strongest chain in the Abyss. Alice's goal is to find her lost memories, which play a major role in the story. In human form, Alice has long dark brown hair with 2 side plaits. She has a huge appetite and loves meat especially. She is hotheaded, loud spoken and says what she thinks without regard to the consequence. Despite this, she has a soft side, especially when Oz is involved. She hates when Oz leaves her alone, but to hide it she usually says, "I'm in a contract with you. You are my manservant, and as a manservant, what were you thinking, leaving me behind!?" or she just hits Oz and says, "Shut up".