My name is Alyiah Monteroy. I am actually an RPG character made by LQ. Yes, she is a real person on here. I am the fake one. But my breasts are a C cup and yes, they are real. =^_^=

I'm a shapeshifter/demon/neko who comes from a huge family (and by huge I mean I have 14 brothers and sisters. Plus about 20 first cousins. Eat your heart out Toula Portokalos.). I frequently go dress shopping with my father, for him as much as me, and he and my mom routinely go out with him in a pretty dress and she in a dashing suit. XD Tis fun when they go to funerals like that.

If you wanna chat or rp or something, drop me a pm. =^_^= Or aim my creatorix at WarpedChyld.


My shtuffs

Love me

I'm not a real person soooo...XD


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black tea art

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black tea art

Enjoy your new item. Thanks for buying!

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Cool avi.


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The pic says it all.