Name:Algiery Jade Martel

Alias: Mary Ann Sue

Race: Human Hybrid / Clone
Alignment: Neutral
Age: 11/20/1990
Height: 5'6
weight: 100
Citizenship: Irish
Marital Status: Single
Occupations: Assassin, co-leader of The Lab.
Family: Brother - Arlian Martel (Alive) Father - James Wilmgard Martel (Alive) Mother - Classified

Powers/Abilities: Algiery has the ability of shadow manipulation and to a great extent with it to. She cant form or make items or objects from it though but she can use it on her very form to hide herself amongst the shadows or disguise herself in them. Examples of this would be making her form into a ghostly shape and density to look more like shadows themselves more then a physical being, this in return takes up a good amount of her energy and strength making it something she would just use for a few seconds other then constantly or for long periods of time. It would also allow herself to move amongst the shadows themselves if she was to find a dark enough area allowing herself to submerge into them and disappearing somewhere else. If wanted and with enough focus she could concentrate them into something solid for a few seconds such as something sharp or just plain blunt, like claws or to simply give a hit from her fist more impact with contact. She has some knowledge of the art of necromancy and remains a student amongst it but she has a fluent and more detailed mastery over it with her continued studies. Her father has also made her study normal and more basic magics as well that involve more illusion magics and enchantments than anything else.

Weaknesses:Seeing how she is of course human just about anything ranging from a bullet to a knife could kill her if struck in the heart or bleeding out. Her shadow manipulation is stopped dead in its tracks if there is nothing for it to feed off of so something like a simple light could stop her from using it and rendering it useless to her.

Equipment: She has an eyepiece much like Triv's that was specially designed just for her and in a different shape. It serves many same purposes as his but hers is used mostly for scanning.
Her sword that she carries on her waist and it mostly has properties in it to keep it from breaking or cracking when in combat, nothing else special then that with it.
Then there's her 1911 colt pistol that she keeps on her person at all times with a concealed holster. Like her sword it's been enchanted so it wont break easily, is unable to jam, and can be fed magic into the chamber to fire off 'magic bullets'

About: Algiery is one of Admiral Triv's elite "projects" that turned out to be a perfect success in survival on the field. She was made around the time Triv was under Darkness the demons influence, and he had been making superior soldiers to oppose all others that existed to date. After Triv went back into control of his own mind and back on the right path, he let her mind become her own and her choices to be chosen by her own free will, but even then she decided to stay along his side like all of his other creations and experiments had. But, Algiery was incomplete, and an accident, that only got two good things to her traits, that was her shadow manipulation ability and Triv's ability to command magic. She does go about on her own and her actions are mostly of her own free will unless Triv gives her orders, that she follows obediently.
In more recent events Algiery was turned by a vampire named Hayden Grim, which she usually doesn't feed off of another person unless she doesn't have much of a choice or she will bite someone in her own self defense; even then she'd still rather starve then bite someone.
And by the will of the Death Knight Nicholas, she was caught in a weakened state where a Death Knight pendant was placed around her neck where it soul bound itself to her while already being undead and having her own dark power had granted her more superior shadow manipulation and stronger abilities to her vampire side. From such a source, she became a trainee in necromancy that is a granted ability to a death knight; a dark art revolving around dark magics and undead.
Even today she still struggles with the new ways but is adapting nonetheless; even though her powers are dark she uses them for good.
With recent genetic testing at her fathers Lab, and WILLINGLY taking the experiments on herself after forcing herself into the position. Her father had created a whole new kind of cure for vampirism and even found a way to remove the death knight influence. With Algiery as proof and evidence of the new vaccine and how it works, it has been a stored cure encase it is ever needed in the future
She had been cured of the suffered vampire ailments such needing to drink blood and being weakened by holy objects, however this new vaccine has allowed her to keep all of the advantages that being a vampire brings. Her heart beats again, she is no longer cold, she doesn't feel a lust for human blood,, but her strength and senses along with increased abilities from being bit remain along with the regeneration; making her a human hybrid or for better terms, a superhuman.


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"To rid ourselves of our shadows - who we are - we must step into either total light or total darkness"