Alexman used to be a boy. His real name is Alex Monkeys. He whated to be a superhero. He watched a lot of T.V on it. His parents died, because of a mad man. He was watching his favorie superhero when he saw a old man trying to cross the street. He helped the old man. The old man said thank you and asked him what he whated to be. Alex said I have always whated to be a superhero. The old man said for Alex to follow him. He did. They walked into a old buliding. Right after Alex walked in all he saw was a flash of green light. After he woke up he saw the old man. He said that know Alex Monkeys was a superhero. What are my powers Alex asked. The old man said "everything you are a special superhero, but you are in training and you must start as lv. 1. At lv. 10 you will be a real superhero, but you will still gain levels.

That is the story of Alexman. Alexman is at the arena. Vote a 10 please.