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Hello people of the universe! My name is Alex. Im 17 going on 18 and when im 18 ill change it. I like swimming, playing vedio games, playing basketball, reading, writing stories, (which i have some typed up in art arenas read it up) drawing, and meeting new people. I like all sorts of music! My favorite song would have to be "Dirt Off Your Shoulders" by Linkin Park and Jay Z. I don't like it when people lie and cheat and be mean to others. scream I like peace and luv to fill the world. Yeah i know that might sound chessy but thats my way of thinking. So if u don't like then. talk2hand Yeah i just did that. lol. Oh i also love jokin around and I have a preety good sense of humor. My favorite show would have to be DRAGON BALL Z!! God i luv that show. lol. I have a cat a dog and two lizards. BTW my cat and dog are like best buds. Im currently in a relationship with the most beautilfulist (i think i just spelled that wrong) women in all the world! I would say the name but i don't want to embarase her. lol. Well thats about it. Friend me or not it might be preety cool to chat but i will tell you this. If you don't convense me to stay your friend if your a random person i don;t know, I'll defriend you, SO NO PRESURE! lol. IM kiddin i won't do that. lol. Peace love and rock'n'roll to all of you!



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BelovedSugarSpice Report | 06/26/2012 8:44 pm
I love you so much bro and i missed you, and congratulations, biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin heart heart heart
hope to see you soon smile ...
BelovedSugarSpice Report | 06/26/2012 8:43 pm
Hey and oh yeah i remember when you told me that she was sick, Being pregnant is a good news for your gf, Im so happy for you bro, im so proud of you,
Thank you for reading my status and yeah my bf is just an idiot, he doesn't know what hes telling, Thank you and yeah i will be stronger i hope biggrin biggrin crying crying sad sad
BelovedSugarSpice Report | 06/12/2012 9:35 am
Omg hey bro how are you? long time no see lol what a surprise, did you come back today?....
TrippyTheKid Report | 01/13/2012 8:18 pm
I need your help!!!
LustLooseWithinControl Report | 12/29/2011 10:37 am
Dashing through the sand
with a bomb strapped to my back.
I have a nasty plan
for Christmas in Iraq.
I got through checkpoint A,
but not through checkpoint B.
That’s when I got shot in the a**
by the US Military…
[it's not funny!]

Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs
Mine blew up you see.
Where are all the virgins
that Bin Laden promised me?
Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs
U.S. soldiers shot me dead.
The only thing that I have left
is this towel up on my head.

I used to be a man,
but every time I cough,
thanks to Uncle Sam,
my nuts keep falling off.
My bombing days are done.
I need to find some work.
Perhaps it would be much safer
as a convenient store night clerk.

Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs
I think I got screwed.
Don’t laugh at me because I’m dead
or I’ll kill you…

I KILL YOUOUOU! xDDDDDDDDDD lolz happy late x-mas xD
Shady Claus Report | 12/03/2011 12:24 pm
Shady Claus
3nodding 3nodding
Koezy Report | 11/06/2011 7:28 pm
Don't worry about it man, I hope you get the avi you want wink
Koezy Report | 10/25/2011 9:59 pm
LOL Checked out your new profile changes. Noticed you went from putting "My foxy gf" To just "my gf". Not to be offensive but im guessing the last time you two had fun, she did a dissapointing job xD
Private jenna_100 Report | 10/22/2011 5:03 pm
Private jenna_100
i broke up with him
Badsnaga Report | 10/20/2011 9:55 pm
Chillin like a villain with Arkham City. And you?

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