Hello Loves, I am Alexis Isabelle. 13, RCMS seventh grader. Friends and Family mean everything to me. I have trust issues. I absolutely hate smokers. I love hugs. I can get pissed off pretty easily yet I can be so forgiving. I usually try to see both sides of the story. I am single but I don't care. I likee giving people piggy back rides soo ask me for onee. I make my wishess on 11:11. I love having inside jokes with people. I bite my nails. I have thee best friends ever. I love my parents. I have one older full brother, one younger half brother and one younger half sister. My life right now isn't the best but I wouldn't change it. I learn from my mistakes. I am on the computer 24/7. I re-do my profile all the time. I am probably the laziest peron ever. So that must mean, I am done.