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I am very imaginative and I love anime and manga. I am working on a fantasy story and I enjoy video games. I'm definatly an otaku!


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Shaky jakeward Report | 10/23/2018 4:59 pm
Shaky jakeward
hi alec i know two good wrting web sites u can check them out ! wattpad and quotetv are really good websites biggrin hug and take care your freind shaky
Shaky jakeward Report | 10/10/2018 3:41 pm
Shaky jakeward
hey remeber i'm hear for you if u need a freind
Shaky jakeward Report | 10/10/2018 2:11 pm
Shaky jakeward
biggrin hi its nice to hear from you ! i'm sure your figure things out are u still writing?
Shaky jakeward Report | 10/09/2018 4:48 pm
Shaky jakeward
hi how are u?
Shaky jakeward Report | 04/03/2017 10:47 am
Shaky jakeward
hi how are u? biggrin hugs your friend shaky
Hatoful Girlfriend Report | 03/15/2017 1:58 pm
Hatoful Girlfriend
happy birthday emotion_yatta
Shaky jakeward Report | 12/03/2016 11:40 am
Shaky jakeward
hi merry christmas xo from your freind shaky biggrin
Shaky jakeward Report | 07/12/2016 2:15 pm
Shaky jakeward
hi whuz up? biggrin
EiyoTachi Report | 10/26/2015 9:49 pm
Badass profile dude! Love the Naruto!
alecat2376 Report | 10/19/2015 2:25 pm
When you have something great. Don't take it for granted...or else you'll lose the happiness you once had

The Light War

The prologue of my book: The Light War
I've finally finished it and it is a chapter book but I won't let anyone read anything more than the prologue until It's been edited.


A long time ago in a distant galaxy; two armies were locked in deadly combat over the future of the planet known as Lirion. Lirion was the home of the Soluras who were fighting for their home and perhaps the universe itself! These two armies were the Soluras and the Dagunas. Lisro; the commander of the light forces; had been given the task of leading the battle by his mentor, who was also in the battle. Lisro was about 37,400 years old. He had dark brown eyes; wore a slightly yellow shirt, yellow pants, gold colored shoes, and a gold colored bandana on his right arm and forehead. The bandanas had carved on metal plates; the insignia of the Soluras; LW; inside a sun. The two bandanas indicated a high rank and the carving indicated his rank of Light Warrior Commander. Lisro had three sword sheaths on his back for the blades he used. While the battle raged on, Lisro sat in his chamber awaiting an update on the battle. Lisro’s chamber was rectangular with six floating orbs of light on the ceiling in the center of the room; still, the place seemed gloomy and tense.
Below this, taking up the center of the floor, was a big virtual map of the area; which Lisro seemed to be focused on with a level of attention. On this map were two bases: one in yellow; indicating the light forces; and one in black; indicating the dark forces. Lisro sat behind his desk facing the virtual map; lying next to him against his desk lay his three blades of light. Legend says the blades were made for Lisro by the light gods themselves by using the light of a million lightning bolts and the heat of a million erupting volcanoes which enveloped the blades.
Lisro felt slightly nervous seeing how his forces barely took up a fourth of the map, but he also felt calm. Lisro had a plan that few of the generals he commanded were aware of. He planned to attack the dark side here with his entire army and try to end the war; however, he knew that this would not end well; so he secretly made a backup plan.
“Yes.” Lisro thought, “It’s all we got left.”
Lisro hit a button hidden under his desk, and from the middle of the desk; two circular containers rose. Inside these containers were two white crystals. Legend says these crystals were made when the light gods and dark gods began to fight. Legend also says that these crystals, when used properly, can contain living beings. Putting the two crystals in his pockets, Lisro grabbed his three blades; and calmly, yet swiftly left for the battlefield.
Outside the room he continued walking through the light corridor; on both sides were the quarters for all soldiers; yet, Lisro never used them. He would be found asleep in his chamber, right on his desk. Lisro kept walking to the next room, the Main Hall. The Main Hall had five doors. Closest to Lisro on his right; was the door that led to the lower levels. The lower levels were mainly used for supplies and weapons for the experienced soldiers. Closest to Lisro on his left was the door that led to the weapons room for the less experienced soldiers. Farthest from Lisro on his left was the door that led to the Great Hall; used for lunch and announcements. Farthest from Lisro on his right was the emergency supply room.
Lisro continued walking until he reached the farthest door, the moment the door opened he sped off faster than the speed of light itself! As the light sun and dark moon seemed about to collide, the two forces clashed with such ferocity that you could see the energy in the air. Taking out two of his blades, Lisro began his part of the fight. Cutting through the dark forces he caught up with his master; Zyrion. Zyrion looked frail, being 70,534 years old. He had dark yellow eyes, wore a yellow cloak over his body with no hood, yellow shorts, a yellow tank-top, and two yellow sandals. He held a wooden walking stick passed down from his now deceased mentor; Lenarious. With his hands on his walking stick with a spiral on the handle, Zyrion took out waves of Dagunas almost effortlessly.
“Need help master?” asked Lisro.
Smiling, Zyrion said “Sure, if you can keep up.”
“Okay then.” answered Lisro.
Taking a fighting position, Lisro moved so fast that by the time you see an image of him he had already struck you down with his image placement ability.
“Wow, there seem to be an endless number of them!” said Lisro.
“So you see the problem, what do you think the solution is?” Zyrion asked him like a test question.
“Regroup with my squad.” answered Lisro.
“Let’s go.” responded Zyrion.
Running past the endless waves of dark solders; Lisro and his sensei regrouped with Lisro’s squad. In Lisro’s squad there are five members: Lisro the leader, Dyrus the demolition expert, Veron the sniper, Tirus the strategist, and Zenthous the stealth. Lisro was skilled in all of these but mostly demolition.
“Hey Lisro over here!” yelled Tirus.
Tirus had red eyes and wore a red shirt with black shoes and yellow pants. He carried two high tech pistols that were sheathed on his pants.
“Hey Tirus, how is the team?” asked Lisro.
“Veron is wounded, Dyrus is pissed off, and god knows where Zenthous went; so better than I thought we would be at this point in the war.” answered Tirus.
“Okay then, you ready to get this party started?” asked Lisro.
“I knew you’d say that, and yea I’m ready.” responded Tirus.
“Wait!” yelled a voice in the distance. “Don’t start without me!”
“Dear god; Zenthous! You scared the s**t out of me! Don’t sneak up on me like that!” yelled Tirus.
“Sorry I forgot you’re a wuss.” answered Zenthous laughing. Zenthous had dark green eyes. He wore a dark yellow armor that covered his body; on his legs were four dagger packs, two packs per leg. With Lisro and Zenthous laughing; Zyrion had to smack them on the head with his walking stick a couple times to make them get serious again.
“Let's rock this place!” yelled Lisro.
“Wait, who're those two in the distance?” asked Zenthous.
“That’s Veron and Dyrus!” yelled Tirus.
“Hey guys, where’s my beer?” said Dyrus jokingly. Dyrus had dark red eyes. He wore a yellow shirt with 2 big ammo packs hanging across it, brown pants, yellow shoes, and a giant gun hung on a sling on his back.
“Are you two okay?” asked Zyrion.
“Yea; Dyrus was like a god, not a scratch deeper than his attitude and I’m better now.” said Veron.
Veron had dark orange eyes, wore a yellow jacket with four small ammo packs hanging on the left side, dark yellow shorts, green shoes, and a grey tank-top.
“Alright we're all here, let’s go!” yelled Lisro, “You know the plan.”
“Yeah we know.” said the team.
“ATTACK!!” yelled Lisro.
So cutting, sniping, and blowing away the enemy, the dark forces numbers decreased. Lisro knew by looking at his team they couldn’t keep this up for long; yet he pressed on; waiting for the moment to activate the crystals. Dyrus was taking longer to blow up the enemy; usually it takes less than a second, now it takes two seconds. Tirus was having a hard time making plans. And Veron's shots were getting to hit twenty Dagunas at a time instead of thirty. But what really concerned Lisro was he wasn’t where he needed to be by now, because as the eclipse of the sun and moon crept ever closer. Lisro knew the time to activate the crystals was soon, very soon.
Calling on the force of light, Lisro dashed at an unimaginable speed until he came face to face with the Dark King himself! The Dark King hid most of his face behind the dark shadow that enveloped him. From what could be seen of him, his eyes were as red as fresh blood. The dark cloak that he wore was almost impossible to see, but the dark blades on his back were easier.
Just seeing Lisro angered the Dark King. It was because of Lisro that this light resistance is against him. Standing up the dark shadow turned into a dark flame enveloping the Dark King’s body, yet he felt no pain, just rage. He had been after Lisro since he betrayed the Dagunas and was chosen by the light gods; this was thirty thousand years ago. Unable to see Lisro’s face for another second, He attacked.
“It’s time!” thought Lisro. Lisro quickly reached in his pockets and grabbed the two white crystals and brought them out in front of him, then said the incantation: “Foresa ligta forenu direka kentana cristealas!” From a sliver of light between the sun and the moon, two beams shot out with each beam hitting a crystal. The crystals glowed; one started glowing yellow, the other one started glowing black. Lisro took a last look around at the world he was on, shut his eyes, and then…nothing.
AmaiBunBun -PH
Paladin Magnus Dawnguard
Shaky jakeward

A silly person but a caring friend.

Good person to help you when your down and can show the pain your feeling

Your friendly neighborhood otaku. Good person and helps me when I'm down and worried.

caring and sweet. Time difference is 14hrs ahead of me

Time difference is 6 hrs ahead of me. Nice guy and kinda funny

kind girl

To keep myself in line I have to beat myself up like this sometimes