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Anything else anyone would like to know, any ideas anyone want to share, anything anyone wants to say, don't be shy, don't be scared i'm a good guy ^_^ just shoot me a PM and i'll get back to you.

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-Ms KaRa- x3 Report | 07/25/2012 5:30 pm
-Ms KaRa- x3
hey! i just wanted to say
thanks for buying heart
Xx_ShyRay_xX Report | 07/09/2012 9:38 pm
hahahaha heart
Xx_ShyRay_xX Report | 07/09/2012 8:57 pm
hahah (: rofl rofl rofl rofl
well thank you. But what was the thing in common?! sweatdrop
Xx_ShyRay_xX Report | 07/09/2012 3:26 pm
omg!! oh my god!!! so your the one who bought be....the pink hoodie and the skinny jeans?! OMG!!! thank you for helping me out!! omg!! thank thank thank thank you sooo very much!! i dont know how to thank you enough...ahh!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

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