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Hey all! Welcome to my profile! This is where I will be keeping updates on my progress of my rookie year of racing!

The videos are of my practices and race nights, I'll keep them as up to date as I can, though race nights will be delayed due to me needing to remove the sound on them since the announcer gives names and locations and I don't really care to reveal that to everyone.

Now then, here is some information on me ^_^

Age: 22

Car Model: 1988 Chevy Nova (made by Toyota back then)
Race Car Class: Hornet (4-cylinder pure stock)
Car Number: 13
Reason: It's my lucky number

Car Design inspiration: Dennis Anderson's Gravedigger Monster truck

Current Point Standings: 5th! (Final place! I made the top five my rookie year! BOOYA!)

This Week's Results: Last week's feature: DNF, Heat: 5th, Feature: 4th
Details of Race: This week officially sucked! We ran the feature race from last week first since it was canceled last week due to power failures. I started out inside second row and I was running third. Things were going great and I was catching the leaders until suddenly my stupid right front tire rolled off the bead >_<. I didn't realize right away that my tire was flat, but after I found I was unable to turn, I pulled off the track. Unfortunately, since it didn't bring out a caution, I wasn't able to get back on the track, so I wasn't able to finish the biggest race of the season >_<. After that we changed the tire to my only spare, but we found out that my radiator had split at one of the seams and at first I was told that I was done for the night. I was very upset because I was racing for points and if I couldn't run I'd drop back to 8th in points! We found some "rescue 911" sealant and were amazingly able to seal up most of the radiator leak, slowing it enough so my car wouldn't overhead too bad. I was able to go out for my feature then, but with just one lap to go, I blew my right front tire again! At that point, I was like "******** it! I'm going to finish!" so I drove one more lap, limping around the track to the finish line. They had to split the features into an A and B main, and I didn't finish well enough to make it into the A main, so I started front row outside on the B main. I borrowed a tire from another driver since I was out of spare tires and went out for the feature. When we came around to the green flag, I slammed the gas to the floor like I always do and turned left to come out of turn four onto the front stretch. However, my car decided to be dyslexic or something because the car when right when I turned left! I brushed the wall and lost several positions as i fought to keep the car under control and just as i almost had it back under control, the #71 SLAMMED me hard in the passenger side! It spun me around and I ended up facing the opposite direction. As usual the damn #71 never let up off the gas! He just plowed right through me like I wasn't even there! Luckily though this time my car wasn't damaged enough that I couldn't get going again, so I rejoined the pack, but I was put tail end. It sucked, but I dealt with it. I was pissed and I so wanted to catch that #71 and take him the hell out! However, his car quit working (it hadn't been working right in the first place because he had slammed the #20 car in their heat and messed up his engine!) I managed to finish the race, but I never really caught anyone.

Current project: Need to get spare tires since I'm out and using a borrowed tire >_<. Also my radiator is in for repairs because it was split at a seam. We also discovered that the head gasket had blown out again, which explained why I had been unable to catch any cars that night. I had lost a lot of power. I also have to fix my paint job... again -.- I'm getting so sick of having red paint smeared all over my car! (leave me alone 71! crying ) My passenger side needs to be banged out, since it was crumpled and dented in like a foot -.-

Next Race: Saturday, August 30th (EVE OF DESTRUCTION!) OMG the Bounty Hunter monster truck is going to be there!!!!

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This journal will be used to keep track of everything that happens to me over the course of the summer with my race car and racing experiences.



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Congrats on the Engagement!!

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if you wish to add my new account... i no longer will be on this one due to somethings that went down sad

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SURPRISE!!! ^^ It's been a while.

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you came back with a kitten and bf -sweet ^_^
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if you ever get the chance I would love to see some ^_^ <3

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no rush though ^_^

I just wanted to check up on you and all alat ^_^
did you get any new pics from belize? ^_^

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oh okay ^_^

so how long have you been home?

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lol thanks ^_^
so are you still in belize?