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About myself

Hi people welcome to my Profile my name is Samantha ann or you can called me Sam or Sammy if you like and any who my username is Alaska26 and i do not live in Alaska OK. but i visited there before it awesome over there and cold but i like it
and i have my own story called Samantha ninja Story from the new version of Naruto and I'm the main person in the story i do it at school most of the time and they love it.

What are you hobbies:
My hobbies are Swimming,Pokemon card collecting,Knowing my animals even mine,be a best ghost hunter, drawing but only on paper,and making my own story from my school,

What your favorite Samantha:
*Mountain dew
*Ghost shows
*My DSI game
*Living in the Sound village
*My Pokemon team in my DSI game
*Sleeping in
*Taking baths
*My art
*Japan food
*And Native stuff

OK what you hate the most of all:

*Spicy food
*Sea gulls
*People killing nature and wild life
*People who jerks to others
*bad bugs who hurt people and me
*Thai food
*Zombies movie
*Killer movies
*Bad noobs


I'm her horse form

Let's dance




i kill sasuke and style his outfit

I'm Evil