A little bit about me
What is your name?: Alannah Raven (online), Kathryn (IRL)
How old are you?: 24
When is your birthday?: January 17
What is your starsign?: Capricorn
Where was you born?: Las Vegas, Nevada
Where do you live now?: Atlanta, Georgia
What color eyes do you have?: Brown
What color hair do you have?: Red
Is your hair long or short?: Long
Do you have nicknames? If yes, what are they?: Alannah, Raven, Kat, Kitty
Occupation?: Fallen Angel
Are you a virgin? >.>;

Color?: Black
Movie?: Pirates of the Caribbean
Subject?: Psychology
Animal?: Cat
Food?: Pizza
Chocolate?: Yum
Sweet?: Pixie Sticks
Number?: 3 and 13
Day of the week?: Saturday
Season?: Autumn
Weather?: Rainy
Time of day?: Evening
Room in your house?: Anywhere but home
Weapon?: Words
Type of death?: Drowning
Drink?: Cola
Places?: Park
Thing to do?: Annoy people

This or That
Sprite or 7UP?: Sprite
Coca Cola or Pepsi?: Cola
Phone or computer?: Computer
Ocean or Lake?: Ocean
Summer or Winter?: Neither
Spring or Autumn?: Autumn
TV or Radio?: TV
Black or white?: Black
Pants or shorts?: Pants
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Men or Women?: Both
Cat or Dog?: Cat
Alive or Dead?: In-between
Happy or sad?: Happy
Sunny or Raining?: Raining
Dumb or Smart?: Smart
Ice cream or Sherbert?: Ice cream
Tall or Short?: Tall
Love or Lust?: A bit of both
Fruit or Vegetables?: Fruit
Ham or Turkey?: Turkey
Red or Pink?: Red
Morning or Night?: Night
School or Church?: School
Lights or No lights?: Lights
Silence or Noise?: Silence
Working hard or Hardly working?: Hardly woking
With others or Alone?: Alone
Dreams or Nightmares?: Dreams
Shy or Outgoing?: Shy-ish
Spender or Saver?: Spender
Truth of Dare?: Dare
Books or movies?: Movies
Mountain or beach?: Beach

Have you ever...
Performed on stage? In what? Yes, in Chorus.
Been out of the country? Where? Australia

What is...
Your greatest fear? I don't want to be a failiure...
Your greatest weakness? Frustration and Hesitation

What do you think about... aka DON'T JUDGE ME
Abortion: You're killing a living being you idiots...
Homosexuality: Awesome.
God: He might exist. Gonna believe on account of he might.
Jesus: His death could never equal the overly vast accumulation of all of our sins...
Satan: Uh... I think I'm going to meet him when I die...
Heaven: What if heaven is actually earth and when we die we go to hell...?
Hell: One big party...
Miracles: Chance happenings...
War: Is stupid. Get over your effing differences and be done with it already...
Ghosts: Boo.
Aliens: We can't possibly be the only living creatures in the entire universe.
Religion: Has it ever occured to anyone that maybe all of the different religions were thought up by crazy people and other crazy people supported them? Not that I don't believe in God or anything...

I'll add more when I think of them...


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...im bored

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kitty X3 im the only loser who comments u woot XD...T.T

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i <3 u!!!

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kitty X3

...yes im still paying bills...

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i hope you like your crown X3

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i found a hair style that looks like when i use to have it X3

when it was curly on the tips and it looked....wierd XD


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dont do it!!!

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umm...Alannah...God wants ur soul...