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Gender: Female

Location: 7th Layer of Hell

Occupation: Your Everyday Jerk

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I have avi art, now. Definitely gonna just set this down right here and here and brag like the proud douche I am!


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Username: Alannaa

Real Name: "It's a secret."

Derpy Mcshitskin

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Caucasian; 50/50 Irish and Italian

Age: 18

Join Date: 11/10/2007

Personality: Alannaa is snarky and can be crude or even impolite if struck horribly, horribly wrong, but she is highly business-like. She likes to maintain an almost-mechanical form of manner, with a generally dry tone of address and a visceral determination to maintain order. She primarily plays zOMG! for gold or roleplays(mainly Bleach) in guilds for entertainment when online.
Alannaa fears years of conditioning to receive praise has made her haughty or prideful, enough to think herself "the best" and to alienate her friends. When asked about it, and even when not prompted, Alannaa insists she would rather work for the good of the majority, rather than an individual.


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A Layman's Guide to the b***h that Keeps On Bitching

A detailed explanation of the views and ideals of the user Alannaa, including their designs on the future, and a large quantity of grousing.


I'm cosplaying for the rest of the month. Guess my avi?