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Levin Gaia! Wan ta read mor Artificial Exorcist, then Ill be happy ta e-mail ya it. Anyting ya want from ma, jus ask.

eres ma e-mail:


Ta j stands fo Jeromy. Later!

Hey, names Akuma_Master, but call me Aki for short. Anyway, pretty soon - once I learn how to undisable my journal - I will be entering an online novel just to be found there! In fact, if you see this anywhere else, inform me immediately cuz they stole it.

The novel's called Artificial Exorcist, and the characters will be real Gaian avatars, you want a part? Just tell me! Anywho....

The story consists of four party members, but please, this story is completely fictional. I do not want to hear "Are those two really going out" or anything like that.

To further that, the wedding between Midnight and Fred is completely false as well. They're just good friends. So yeah, hope you enjoy it.

- Aki

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Total Value: 6,270 Gold
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Item List:
White Class Shirt
Black High School Wide Bottom Pants
Black High School Long Coat
Buttoned Down Fauna Boots - Bought
White Medical Gloves

A Total of: 6,270 Gold

Characters of Artificial Exorcist (in order of appearance)

Here are all the characters in order of their appearance with almost no spoilers. It will be updated whenever a character changes, or whenever a character is added. Midnight_Rose_n prepared the songs for me, ask her for where the hell she heard of them from, not me. The song lyrics are supposed to represent the character, you don’t understand them now, but you may later on!

(I jus want to inform ya that Midnight_Rose_n proofreads all ma work I do becuz I apparently have severe speech problems with ma writing, ya understand, anywho, I don’t get it…stupid English! A.K.A she’s fixing all ma mistakes in this! I'm sorry if it appears I did it all, Midnight.)

Name: Midnight Rose
Nickname: Princess
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Birth date: March 27
Hometown: Darmer
Song: Valentines Day – Linkin Park

Appearance: See Midnight_Rose_n's Profile

Bio: Midnight is an outspoken youth. She is not afraid to
say what is on her mind, and she sometimes does not know when to stop and ends up crossing the line. But she is good at telling others feelings, and is very sympathetic to others. Her journey started on her wedding day, when it was crashed. After her fiancé was killed, and she was dragged along with the mysterious Aki to the Scarlet Alliance, she learns that she is the Demon Princess, and she has to be exorcised.

At one point, someone mentions that her and Aki are ‘more alike then you think’, but how can that be?

Name: Akuma Master
Nickname: Aki
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Birth date: November 12
Hometown: Drifter
Song: Bring Me to Life – Evanescence

Appearance: See my Profile

Bio: Aki is a quiet young man who seems to keep
everything bottled deep within him. He has many mysteries surrounding him, and now even a secret that he wants to be kept hidden. He keeps himself locked away from everyone but his master, Galin, and his friend Kai. Making him appear cold and drawn away. But once you get to know him, he is a nice, kind boy. But when will he decide to open up and talk?

Name: Kai Zain
Nickname: None
Age: 700 (in elven years: 14)
Gender: Male
Birth date: April 30
Hometown: Treedust (Elven village)
Song: Out of the Frying Pan – Into the Fire – Meat Loaf

Appearance: Unfortunately, Kai is not a real Gaia Avatar. He is someone I created based off of a good friend of mine. This is a Tektek design of him.

Bio: Kai is a flirtatious elf. He enjoys hitting on women,
and often gets smacked by either the woman or his friends for saying…things he shouldn’t. But he is really looking for someone he can fall in love with. He may enjoy the company of women, but he longs to find a girl just for himself. He is an archer for the Scarlet Alliance, and was chosen to go along with Aki and Midnight to exorcise her.

Name: Galin (Last name Unknown)
Age: 52
Gender: Male
Birth date: Unknown
Hometown: Drifter
Song: What I’ve Done – Linkin Park

Appearance: Galin is also not a real Gaia Avatar. So this is a Tektek version of him.

Bio: Galin is Aki’s…father? … Anywho, he looks frail and
broken, but he is actually strong. He and Aki both appeared out of nowhere one day and joined the Scarlet Alliance. Before that, both of their lives are a mystery. He stands strong to Aki, and is constantly making this ‘drink’ for him that no one is allowed to see, smell, or taste besides Aki. Does this have anything to do with Aki’s secret? But Galin will never tell. He has not even told Aki the true story yet. He is good at keeping secrets, and every time you ask him about it, he replies that he does not want to remember what he has done in the past, that he is not prepared to walk through the memories of times he had bloodied his hands.

Name: Unknown
Nickname: Chief
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Birth date: Unknown
Hometown: Scarlet Alliance Headquarters
Song: Hands Held High – Linkin Park

Appearance: Chief is also not a Gaia Avatar (sorry, but I could not find as much support for this as I would have liked. You want a part? Just tell me!) Tektek designing will be a little too hard for this part; I’ll design him on Tektek the best I can.

Bio: I personally see Chief as a typical leader. I see him as strong but caring. There is nothing really known about this character so far. He wears the Scarlet Alliance Uniform, and a scarlet and black coloured facemask. So far, no other information has been introduced on this character at this time. All I can say is that I am excited to have this character in the novel more.

Name: Bean Bag
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Birth date: August 8
Hometown: Dark Desert
Song: Leave Out all the Rest – Linkin Park

Appearance: See Beanbag666's profile

Bio: Since Bean is a real Gaia Avatar (thanks Beanbag666),
she gave me her description on how she thought her avatar acts. So far, Bean is an aggressive, rude, and argumental Demon. But who knows, as the story continues, the characters may all open up to each other, softening her up? All the characters may stray a little? Bean is a demon who betrayed her own kind to help in the Scarlet Alliance. She was chosen by the Leader of the Desert Base to join Aki, Midnight, Kai, and Galin on their adventure. Bean and Aki, both having slightly demonic traits, have a little problem getting along. They are both territorial, and have different views on how the mission should go. It’s up to Midnight and Kai to keep them from ripping each other apart. But how can Bean grow to trust an Exorcist?



Gaia Story - Artificial Exorcist

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Gaia Story - Artificial Exorcist

I will be entering an online novel just to be found there! In fact, if you see this anywhere else, inform me immediately cuz they stole it. The novel's called Artificial Exorcist, and the characters will be real Gaian avatars, you want a part? Ju


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Rygel-n Report | 10/23/2007 3:21 pm
Hey Aki! Where have u been? Not grounded again are you? lol

Anyway, I can't type right now, busted up hand and all, so if you pm me back we'll talk then....see ya later!
Toki no Hakaisha Report | 07/05/2007 8:39 pm
Hey there.

I noticed you're in the guild..and you like D.Gray-man as well...User Image

Felt like commenting someone. n___n


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