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Hello all! You may call me Aklina or if you can come up with a nickname than by all means you may use that as well! I am returning to this account after being gone form it for a while, however I have still been on gaia on another account so I am up to date still on all the changes that have occurred while this account remained ‘inactive’.

Now, to put a bit about me shall we? I am a pretty open individual here who enjoys roleplaying, reading, writing, talking to people, anime and manga, as well as animals to name a few things in the vast possibilities of likes I could put here.

Things I will not tolerate are as followed. I don’t like putting people down, haters, put downs of the LGBTQ+ community, outright cruelty toward people or animals for any reason, “bedroom talk”.

I am 18 (or older) for anyone who is wondering and I live somewhere in the US. If you would like to know anything else ask, though I do hold the right to decide not to tell you! Okayyyyyy… I think that is enough for now don’t you? Anyway hit me up if you’d like a RP or just to talk!



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Amazing thank-you to those who drew me Avi. art! It's amazing and I love it!

I LOVE Avi. art,