Was great chatting to you guys while it lasted


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Report | 11/10/2015 1:31 am


i miss u heaps D: wish i didnt leave this place and wish i got ur contacts D:

Report | 11/03/2015 5:40 am


Akki =P
lmfao ok thx

Report | 07/27/2015 8:33 pm

lmfao ok thx

rip to the classic feels of this place, now its a site i used to know
lmfao ok thx

Report | 08/06/2014 7:20 pm

lmfao ok thx

Have you just accepted that you've spent so much time on in that you'll just deal with the work now? Or are you gonna say fhurk it and do somethin' else?
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Are you even tight with your management? I feel like you have major grounds for a harassment case.. I'd be ********' livid mad
WHERE DO YOU WORK THAT ALLOWS THIS AKKI WHYYYYYY!! I would beat him up for you if I could.. Or maybe tell your boyfriend, he can do that!!! 3nodding
annnnnd I just recoverd from a 2 day music festival, which ended Sunday, so that can give you an idea of how much partying went on.. sweatdrop xp
lmfao ok thx

Report | 07/30/2014 5:30 pm

lmfao ok thx

Ahhhhhhh kk, I know what you mean. I've spent as little as 2 days at a job.. When you can't stand the managment and crew it's a real piss off.. stressed
Are ya looking for a job in yer degree field again? Or do you have one and I'm just lame? surprised
I've recently went back too season 1 and am currently charging through the episodes.. dat nostalgia.. emotion_kirakira
YA! That episode is soooo good! I just love how nerdy the show is.. not to mention all the cheeky characters like MORBO THE DESTROYER!!!!
I hope they come back with more episodes.. ;_;
lmfao ok thx

Report | 07/24/2014 6:03 am

lmfao ok thx

I suppose I can agree with ya there heart
damn that's no good, did your post-uni job have relevance to your degree? must've hated it quite a bit to quit!!
I'm almost at season 2, hopefully it isn't too bad! Also, being a proper adult means I can't veg out and watch tv? Looks like I'm never growing up lol
OMG RITE! Such a shame it keeps getting cancelled.. sad
lmfao ok thx

Report | 07/18/2014 10:38 am

lmfao ok thx

Ya srsly, feeling are over-rated, I lost mine back in 'nam, doing fine without them now talk2hand
Same here, the last anime I actually watch was naruto shippuden? and that was like... 4 or 5 years ago sweatdrop Then I actually got out of the house and a social life began P:
I've got Suits, Luther and House of cards all just half way done, and it's been so long since I've visited them I kinda forget whats going on.. emo
ikr blaugh
lmfao ok thx

Report | 07/17/2014 9:56 am

lmfao ok thx

If I'm correct then the filler episodes were taken out of the kai series, which is the best! 8D
Have you watched attack on titan? All muh friends are such fanboys of it, idk if I should start another series what with all my half-way done shows im watching on netfix emo
Well if I ever do meet a girl who loves DBZ this might be one of the first questions I ask ; http://37.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m98gdqrPPs1rcqpg2o1_400.jpg emotion_awesome
&& thx 3nodding
lmfao ok thx

Report | 07/15/2014 1:50 pm

lmfao ok thx

Yayayaya its beautifully re-done! I'm sure you'll find time to rewatch the series in kai format 3nodding
Oh yes I feel you on that, I'm repping team NoGF for the meanwhile so I don't contribute any sort of PDA! cool ..... emo
And yes I got it! if spambots actually would pick up my e-mail from there then yes, if you could do that I'd appreciate that 3nodding
lmfao ok thx

Report | 07/13/2014 4:33 pm

lmfao ok thx

Well as long as you still love it, that's all that really matters. 3nodding I love DBZ Kai, all remasted and pretty emotion_kirakira
Ahhhhhhh this makes sense! Not to mention FB is just generally a huge waste of time..
Yessssssss, PDA has spread to the internets, you're never really safe anythere emo
and ok! I dont e-mail to often so I'll keep an eye out


lmfao wus here
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