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People who are curious ;)

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Straight outta compton

From the Edge of Counterstrike, to the top of L4D2. Valve is where I like to keep myself in terms of multiplayer.
Experienced in running servers, but I just want to be a RAD dude on forums for now.

That Horrible Moment when you go to your comments all happy and s**t, and find it was just a thank you from some merchant dude.

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Aejus Report | 07/28/2013 10:04 pm
User Image
Kitsu Uchiha Report | 07/05/2012 7:10 am
Kitsu Uchiha
:I Why wont you buy my box of jelly beans you douche
ShadowHunter7 Report | 11/29/2011 6:56 pm
Then decline the trade, why are ya ruse all of a sudden??
ShadowHunter7 Report | 11/29/2011 6:53 pm
Dude you're online I asked questions I give $$, I have more questions. Contact some how Pleeeeaasee!
TuxNTopHat Report | 11/25/2011 8:22 am
lol You wish you could stalk me.
Ancient Vampire Prince Report | 05/24/2011 1:59 am
Ancient Vampire Prince
I'm gonna ******** your s**t!
of oceans Report | 03/22/2011 7:33 pm
of oceans
thanks for the item redface
Arkadiusz Caelum Report | 03/22/2011 5:25 pm
Arkadiusz Caelum
User Image
Arkadiusz Caelum Report | 03/22/2011 5:15 pm
Arkadiusz Caelum
...-coughs- xD
Arkadiusz Caelum Report | 03/22/2011 4:59 pm
Arkadiusz Caelum
Danke o:
Grey fox


I'm a talking gun stfu

Im a clone....I will kill you all one day.. but until then... WANNA BE FRNDS LOLZ

Were the clone army... Why are we here? Because no one likes us so were like the first one to die :(

All the other people here are friends... They may also be a secret conspiracy to kill us all...

Yeah! I just got 15 great reviews on my brand new flash animation. Im feeling extremely lucky

yeah that happens