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1 ) Sad Romance [Romance, Regret]
2 ) Sacrifice for Love [Romance]
3 ) Bitter Sunshine [Irony, Regret]
4 ) Realms : Chapter 1 [Irony, Death]
5 ) Realms : Chapter 2 [Irony, Death]
6 ) Realms : Chapter 3 [Irony, Death]
7 ) Realms : Chapter 4 [Mystery, Death]
8 ) Realms : Chapter 5 [Mystery, Death]


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knuffeleendje Report | 02/21/2009 7:38 am
yeah same goes for me. have being really busy.
knuffeleendje Report | 02/19/2009 12:03 pm
I'm okay I guess..
I'm single again sinds a week so I haven't being much on the computer lately .
anyway , how are you ?
Sakura_Jin_Tenshii Report | 02/19/2009 11:00 am
crying I study and do my hwk sadly.. crying

Sakura_Jin_Tenshii Report | 02/18/2009 4:05 pm
XD I noticed that. X3 I log on Gaia for just a couple minutes each day but I'm not on a lot... crying

Sakura_Jin_Tenshii Report | 02/17/2009 4:52 pm
XD yesh I had fun!

Baconious Report | 02/17/2009 2:30 pm
Random comment, I just realized your sig is from that Asda Story game
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- MiCKKeH -
lollllll idk!!! immmmm bored lollllllllllll
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- MiCKKeH -
sorry ur prob lyk......ummmm w/e? lol

Stories : [Genre for now]Deaths and Mystery

--Realms : Chapter 4--

A mansion… abandoned at the top of a hill. Isolated from urban civilisation, the mansion sits at the outskirts of Berrywood town. Many people bought it and lived in the place, but no one stayed longer than a week. All left after experiencing the unexplained and weird encounters in the house. Humans aren’t the only ones trying to inhabit the place, crows tried to make nests at the roof of the mansion, but something seemed to drive them away. Ivyrose’s Mansion was never considered haunted, but something still seems very strange.

Chapter 4: Dawning Mystery

Espadia, a special town, a bustling little city like none other. Comparing with Berrywood town, its neightbouring city, this town was far more advanced and much more larger. Due to its advanced technology, higher security measures were taken to ensure safety in this town.

Now, in Espadia, a little and quiet street was a favourite haunt of many businessmen. Compared to the busy and noisy roads, this little street was far quieter. The noises of passing vehicles, shoutings of playful teenagers and beeping of traffic lights never seemed to enter its ‘boundaries’, therefore, this little street was named Dove Avenue, a bird known as a sign of peace.

In Dove Avenue, a small bar stood out and was surprisingly famous among the businessmen. It was always crowded inside during the nights. Its either due to its bright lights that decorated the signboard or its kind bartender inside. The bar certainly had quite a reputation. Its name was interesting by itself, HATCHET was stamped proudly on the signboard on top of the entrance with a short phrase below it; Bury the hatchet together with your woes and worries.

That evening, Harvey Lloyd was speaking with his client in the famous Hatchet. Harvey Lloyd was a decent man, hair combed neatly to the back of his scalp, his beady eyes matched his flat nose. He had a pointed chin with a goatee.

“Well Mr. Anderson, what do you think of the contract? Have we come to an agreement?” Harvey persuaded his client with a casual tone. He took down his spectacles and wiped it with a small hankerchief he carried in his side pocket of his suit.
“I do say that this is an attracting offer…” Mr. Anderson said, then hesitated. “Okay! We have a deal!”

“Excellent! I’ll call you again tomorrow with more details,” Harvey said, standing up and extended out his hand to shake Mr. Anderson's. “It’s a pleasure doing business with you Mr. Anderson!” With these final words he walked out of the bar, not knowing that that was the last hand he would ever shake again.

Next morning, the newspaper stand outside Dove Avenue was flooded with people, all crowding around the stand, trying to get a copy of the ‘Daily Reports’. On the front page of the Daily Reports, the headlines were print in big, black bold letters:

Body discovered in Dove Backalley, cause of death unknown

Below the headlines was a picture of the body of Harvey Lloyd.
His eyes stared up into the sky, his pupils disappeared, only eye whites can be seen. The eyes were wide and his mouth was opened slightly. His lips were purple, hair was in a mess.
His nose was bleeding. Other than that, rest of his body was perfect. No signs of him being physically ambushed or assaulted.
His right hand clutched tightly on his left chest, it was as if he died of an heart attack.
Beside him was his gold-rimmed spectacles, perfect and scratchless.
No signs of struggle.
However, the cause of his death wasn’t the only mystery.
Tatooed across his right cheek was a dark black kiss mark.

Who was this bachelor’s murderer?
Who was the woman that he was seeing?
Was the mystery killer the woman that left the kiss mark?
These questions flooded the forums on the Daily Reports.

A report from the Forensic Science team stated that Harvey Lloyd died of myocardial infarction, otherwise known as a heart attack.

Three days later, two other deaths was found. Both causes of death identical to Harvey Lloyd’s. Both of the victims died of myocardial infarction, similarly, both their eyes stared into the sky, opened widely.
Their pupils disappeared from their eye whites.
A black kiss mark tatooed across their right cheeks.

Soon, more and more deaths occurred, and the death rates in Espadia increased rapidly.
The citizens soon got worried, most of the victims of such deaths had no medical history.

One warm afternoon, Mr. Anderson thought he might spend his summer in the Hatchet, drinking his favourite voldka to kill time. It was evening before he left, the skies was painted reddish-orange.
He decided to take a shortcut home, through the Dove Backalley.

Suddenly, he felt a shiver down his spine.
The air around him became cooler.
He stood in one spot. Seconds passed in silence.
He stared into the sky, it was dark already. The moon shone majestically over the city.
“Isn’t it summer?” Mr. Anderson asked himself, “It should be warm…”
The air around him became freezing.
He felt that he was being watched.
He started to walk with a quick pace.
Not daring to look back, his eyes dart around for the nearest exit out of this alley.
He felt his body slowing down due to the cold.
His body became numb from the fear that gripped his heart.
Then he felt a sensation of tightness pressing down hard on his chest.
He clutched left chest and fell down to the ground.
The pavement was cold as ice.
He was suffering.
His mind was being tortured by fear.
He looked up.
He saw a beautiful woman in her early twenties.
Her flawless skin reflected the moonlight as if she was glowing.
Her emerald eyes met Mr. Anderson’s.
“Help…” Mr. Anderson croaked weakly.

The woman stared at him, but made no movements.
‘Why don’t she help? Is she enjoying what she's seeing?’ Mr. Anderson thoughts flashed in his mind. He struggled to keep his eyes open.
The woman kneel down in front of him, a small smile spreaded across her face.
Mr. Anderson stared at her as her hand touched his face.
There was no warmth in her hands.
His eyes widen as he noticed that the woman was near transparent.
He screamed.
However, no sound came out from his throat.

…To be continued

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