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Aki Miyahara of Squad 7

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Birthday: 07/05

The life of the one, the amazing, the cute meh!!!

Aki Miyahara. She was a member of the 12th Division and later she became captain of the 7th Division.
Aki's zanpakutou is called Zanyô which means "setting sun". She releases it with "kôsai o hanatsu, zanyô" (shine, setting sun). It is a fire type zanpakutou. When released it looks like Aki has claws like Wolverine on her right hand.
Her bankai's name is Zanyô Tensho, "Setting Sun Piercing the Heavens" after realeased all of her abilities are enhanced ten fold, but it takes a lot of spiritual pressure so she is only able to maintain it for a little bit, but her zanpakutou steals a small amount of spiritual pressure every time she cuts her opponent,(only in her bankai) she aims to someday be as good as her hero, Yoruichi Shihoin, she is fast but not nearly as close as Yoruichi,she looks up to soi fon as a mother figure, her best friend is Byakuya, she left 12th squad when she finally realized how sick and twisted Mayuri was, she tried to convince Nemu to come with her but she refused. Now every now and then she trains with byakuya, (he always goes easy on her). She has a very serious personality like Soi Fon, but can be immature sometimes. She is usually very serious in a battle, unless she is absolutely sure she will win. Her age is 18, she looks much older than she is because of her attitude and how she dresses( thanks to soi fon).

Now about me,

Name: Kayla

Age: 15

Location: in ur closet O.o

Likes: Anime, Hip Hop, rap, and rock music, nice people, and wafflez XP

Dislikes: Mean people, country music, teachers, homework, ummmmm im pretty sure theres more i just cant think of them

Future Dreams: idk i havent thought that far ahead yet

Favorite song (as of right now): Miss Independent, Live your Life

So thats all about me ^^if you want to know anything else about me just ask( but if your a total stranger then no!)


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This is what Aki looks like!!!

Live Your Life by T.I. fet. Rihanna

Right Now (na na na) by Akon

Miss Independent by Ne-Yo

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good! how are you?
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kwel 4laugh
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razz ditto
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^.^ I heart youtube
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making toast, you?
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-puts hand on my heart and whips eyes with the other- thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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nothing, you?
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ohh thats sooo cool

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