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Back story: Akashita was but a boy when he left his village in Japan. He was to become a warrior in training, on his path he met a handsome man with nine tails making him a promise this was of course a trap. The Fox demon lured him into his den and bit him making him what he is today. The demonic powers of the foxes bite made him the warrior all feared across Japan

Just part of his curse is that is to walk as a Nogitsune for the rest of his life to bear the nine tails and to forever live in the seclusion of the people he once called family. The leader of the Hikari clan came across Akashita while out hunting and asked if Akashita wanted to join the clan which Akashita agreed to straight away, Akashita was trained to be the clan leader’s personal bodyguard which has made him protective type of person he is today.

The clan got into a fight against another clan over land and Akashita was wounded in battle, he snuck away and hid in a cave for many months while he recovered from his wounds, after he was fully recovered he went off on search of his clan but wasn’t able to find them leaving him alone once again to wander the lands.

Powers/abilities: Akashita is an illusionist; he can create things just using his mind alone. He has three forms which he can transform into those forms are fox form, human form and his warrior form. Other abilities include Fox-Fire Manipulation, Plant Manipulation, Flight, Insanity Inducement, Intangibility, Invisibility, Life-Force Absorption and Mysticism

Akashita is very easy going, looks out for his friends (when he gets some) if someone gets on his bad side he will not hesitate to use his sword after giving out a warning. He likes to drink which he tries to do as ofter as he can.

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Some one hacked me. I do not even have that. I only have 51,120 gold.
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What gold?
Mad BarronVon Report | 08/31/2012 10:28 am
And your new name means? =/
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Like do you want a name or nickname for your user?
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Okays hun ^^
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Oh just stupid little things tend to add up after a while
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I'm sorry I forgot to respond been pretty busy and a little stressed
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