If I were to say to you that, "I am a stranger traveling from the East, seeking that which is lost..."

"And She Was Gone"

She chose to walk alone, though others wondered why
Refused to look before her, kept eyes cast upwards towards the sky
She didn't have companions; no need for earthly things
Only wanted freedom from what she felt were puppet strings
She longed to be a bird, that she might fly away
She pitied every blade of grass, for planted they would stay
She longed to be a flame that brightly danced alone
Felt jealous of the steam that made the air its only home
Some say she wished too hard; some say she wished too long
But we awoke one autumn day to find that she was gone
The trees, they say, stood witness; the sky refused to tell
But someone who had seen it said the story played out well
She spread her arms out wide, breathed in the break of dawn
She just let go of all she held... and then she was gone.


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Contratulations! which item did you choose if i may ask XD

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Congratulations on winning. ;D
Alice Allusion

Report | 08/29/2013 2:18 pm

Alice Allusion

Congratulations on winning.
Vener Azluna

Report | 08/29/2013 6:43 am

Vener Azluna

Congrats on winning the choose your own prize contest! That's some pretty legit street cred. ;D What did you choose when you won? surprised

mangoes and cream

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mangoes and cream

Congratz on the win!
Nala Zutto

Report | 08/29/2013 3:39 am

Nala Zutto

Congrats on winning! heart

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Ello, darlin'! The Mango Gryphon says:

Hey Akuru!

Just wanted to say ''congratulations!'' You've got bragging rights for YEARS to come on Gaia!

Take care!
Hope that you are having an AWE-SOME day!

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Congratulations! 2nd place is still great! 3nodding

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Congratulations, Akarukage , happy that you won emotion_hug Keep that luck rolling emotion_brofist
Vera Moray

Report | 08/28/2013 7:31 pm

Vera Moray

Just wanted to drop off a quick `Congrats`and happy contesting! I`m sure you`re sick of the messages and comments xD


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