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Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 01/15/2021 6:16 pm
Mademoiselle Alvinette
Happy birthday! emotion_bigheart yum_cupcake yum_strawberry
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/30/2020 1:26 pm
Odd Cinderella
Thanks. crying
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/30/2020 12:51 pm
Odd Cinderella
I have no job. I gotta apply to places where Covid-19 has popped up in other states. sweatdrop
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/30/2020 12:21 pm
Odd Cinderella
Doing good. Well, as good as I can be. This damn Covid-19 s**t is annoying. sweatdrop
Odd Cinderella Report | 03/26/2020 9:44 pm
Odd Cinderella
Cute avatar! heart
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 03/26/2020 9:44 pm
Mademoiselle Alvinette
Ugh, yes! lol Happy work is good; mad stress is not.
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 03/26/2020 9:34 pm
Mademoiselle Alvinette
Yeah, being bored is almost as bad as being stressed out! XP
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 03/26/2020 9:29 pm
Mademoiselle Alvinette
It definitely keeps you from getting bored! XD
Dai Eden Report | 03/26/2020 8:38 pm
Dai Eden
At first I was like "Who is this?", but then I realized it's Lucky! Hello! I'm doing fine, considering the times, hbu?
Mademoiselle Alvinette Report | 03/26/2020 8:12 pm
Mademoiselle Alvinette
Ugh, I hate being pigeonholed. It's frustrating no matter what job/major you have. My first manager in retail had me do nothing but cash register, but since we had to get people to sign up for discount cards at the time and we had sort-of quotas, I got really burned out on that really fast. But she wouldn't let me work other departments! When we got a new manager, she started letting us change up our tasks so everybody got experience doing each department, and it was much better.

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