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Art done by Kyouzaku, aquired from Lapis Ticktet, 2016.


- Beth/Bethy/Bethypoo emotion_kirakira
- 24
- Taken by a lovely fellow named Kyle emotion_bigheart
- Out of place
- A not-so-hot-mess
- Nerdy, dorky, blonde
- Artsy but mediocre
- Horror Enthusiast
- Lover of all things dark and spooky
- Unicorn Obsessed


I do the art thing, follow me on any of my pages/profiles if you wish! <3

dA: [XXX]
Facebook: [XXX]
Instagram: [XXX]
RedBubble: [XXX]
Tumblr: [XXX]
Twitter: [XXX]


Akanea Kurayami

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Birthday: 07/12

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Ceurin Nazumara Report | 01/02/2019 6:37 pm
lmao right?!
DabsKnight Report | 12/03/2017 7:13 pm
Oh wow
Well I hope you guys can find a way to keep your house
I'm sorry you're having to go through that emotion_0A0

I've been alright, working a lot as well and crazy busy with school.
DabsKnight Report | 11/21/2017 4:27 pm
Hey hey!
It's been a while
I hope you're doing okay!
Darkesu Report | 08/16/2017 3:26 am
Omfg you are alive hiiii
I Nasura I Report | 07/19/2017 6:29 pm
Aye, let me take another look then cx
I Nasura I Report | 07/19/2017 6:14 pm
Aye thank you,
oh my, your wishlist is quite... O x O
I Nasura I Report | 07/19/2017 5:02 pm
WAhhh! I wasn't here on your birthday!!! D: Super sorry!
Happy Belated Birthday Sis! ~ c:
x-Immortal Nobody-x Report | 03/14/2017 1:01 am
S u g a r-Coated-R u s h Report | 02/02/2017 6:01 pm

      Thank you for purchasing. c:

Bonzly Report | 01/04/2017 4:08 pm
I had to leave work early. I was too sick.

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