White Cosmic Mirror
I Endure in order to Reflect
Transcending Order
I seal the Matrix of Endlessness
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Spirit



Clouds,are like the earth's thought's.They travel far and wide.Clouds can only do one ecosystem thing and thats recycle and produce hydrogen where ever it may be....I believe everytime it rains the earth is sad,but it can also b so many other *feelings*....I catch myself just as everyone else does,and ask...Earth,*what is our purpose* EVERY TIME I ASK THAT THE WIND BLOWS STRONG,and so i questioned at that *moment*,is this WORLD ALIVE?? Suddenly the wind stop....cold air,as if i'd never understand.thats when i first built a relationship with Mother earth.^^.(*i love her for always taking care of us*)but what i truly realized...is that without us She truly cannot function.........just as without the sun,moon,universe, etc.you say, but all those things were already there what makes them turn,move,or grow? well.....we do.For,everything was to be dominated by man and explored by nature, she studies us, and we study her,...


did you kno that by uzing the past you can dig up the future??we all dont have common sense but for the ones that do r considered observers they thrive on knowlgde about reality and everyday life i kno this b'cause i was once an observer but now im synced with the universe i used to feel like standing on top of the world and shouting out my name,but now i dont need to,^^,i can hear the ones who r in pain and the ones who aren't everyday....people think about there furture and choose which path is right but i have chosen my own there has to be an absolute freedom of choice no matter if your confinded or resrtainted the only ones that r holding us from our true destiny is ourselves....


I have anaylized our life from the beginning through up untill now and realized that the only one responsible for our era is none other then mankind...we dominated everything from the moment we were born we're the ones that control our ways of life,not only that but we all r jst host in a body that have options(*middleman*),..by choosing a way to live we not only affected the present but we affected the furture and everything around it...in this era we now longer have a purpose...because the people that worked so hard to put everything into society are gone...there will b no replacements but on that note the past and furture r connected,indeed.