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Character&Avi Art

Kale by Regran
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Gabei by Regran

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Avi Art by Simple Phobia (Stitched Muffin)
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Jace Igarashi by Lady Caprinet
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Who are you really?


Background Art Done By Regran

Name: Jonathon

Age: 25

Height: 5’9”

Ethnicity: Black

Gender: Male

Sexuality: People Lover

Occupation: Explorer, Professional Flirter, Questionable Leader

Sign: Pisces, Year of the Monkey ... Sea Monkey

Personality: INFJ( Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging: The Advocate)

Major Personality Traits: Warm, Flirtatious, Sarcastic, Relaxed, Secretive

Preference: Seme, Dominant, Top only…. etc

Interests: Anime, Kpop, Debauchery, MMORPGs

Games that I Play: Lost Saga, Black Desert Online, Civilization 5, The Isle, Conan Exiles

Discord: Ajzale(Kale)#7839


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Note: Do not approach me regarding Death Matches or Wars. Perpetrators will be laughed at.