Paramore -- careful xx

Eminem Ft Rihanna - Love the way you lie x


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iiBangAyoo12 Report | 08/01/2010 12:51 pm
Happy early birth

All time low -- Dear marina count me in xx

Aj123Punk x

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Birthday: 08/04

WhO i Am x >?

Music x Music x Music

Purely awsome legendary people are the people who make life worth living xx biggrin

You cant always count on your friends xx gotta stand up for yourself . thats the only youll survive in this world...

What is love anyways, im still young. ..

about me :::

Im obsessed with Eminem, end of razz xx biggrin hes epically awsome!

wanna be a singer, up on that stage, making people close to me proud, making people around the world happy. so i can spread my message xx biggrin


Hey x

Luv u xxx

meee!! smile


Legend !!

Epic band x

Alex Gaskarth x Hot! x ;P

hI p-PeLl!! Im Aj, PoSt a cOmMeNt Or dOnAtE X LuV Ya, uR PuReLy aWeSoMe dUdEs x :P


ScEnE kId . FoR ThE WiN!!

LiFe iSnT aBoUt AvOiDiNg StOrMs <3 ItS aBoUt LeArNiNG tO DaNcE iN tHe RaIN X ;D

" Im ThE TyPe Of gIrL ThAt cAn bE rEaLlY HuRt bUt CaN sTiLl LoOk At YoU aNd sMiLe. ThE TyPe oF gIrL WhO Is WiLlInG tO BrIgHtEn YoUr DaY eVeN If i cAnT bRiGhTeN mY oWn"

LoVe iS gIviNg SoMeOnE ThE pOwEr To BrEaK YoUr hEaRt ♥ BuT TrUsTiNg tHeM NoT tO

"someday everythings going to make perfect sense, till then, laugh at the confusion, smile through the all the tears and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason"