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Currently obsessed with: Skies of Arcadia and Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Official Sun Sayer (AKA GS DS News Anchor) of the Official Golden Sun Thread, as named by Kiedera.


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Kiedera Report | 11/10/2010 2:26 pm
I'm okay. Been doing school work and stuff. My wait for DD is filled with Tales of Vesperia for PS3. <3
Kiedera Report | 11/09/2010 5:43 pm
XD haha, very cool. Thanks for sharing that!
Logarhythms Report | 07/22/2010 11:21 pm
did you like eyes like stars?
Minak0 Report | 01/27/2010 8:28 pm
Haha, yeah, he knows I like Air too, so, I can't blame him lol .....

It is a very great name though.
The Enforcer666 Report | 01/18/2010 4:54 pm
The Enforcer666
Your name....
she is the......
and Key-tard.......

I...am SOOOOO sorry.

She is the only one in the VGD who I know is that big a Key fan, let alone Air (I think I got that wrong sweatdrop ). I figured this would be her mule or something. She has peeked my interest on a couple of the Key serieseseses. Still haven't seen one but I can so close though, lol. You should hit her up, she's very good peoples and a world to talk to. Although, her name is Minak0 with a zero at the end. Once again, I am really sorry for the mix up.....unless you're just trying to throw me off the scent, lol.
The Enforcer666 Report | 01/18/2010 4:34 pm
The Enforcer666
*looks at name*

*looks harder
Air Fan

Hello.....MINAK0 [O_O]
L Lawliet Report | 12/30/2009 6:41 pm
L Lawliet
Yeah, I knew DDDDD: Man, it's so depressing........ her last tour that she'll be on will be the US tour so I'm trying really hard to go see them.
Cheeky Incognito Report | 11/25/2009 9:10 pm
Cheeky Incognito

Random comment.
marie-chu Report | 09/19/2009 7:51 pm
the cookie on your profile just made me hungry. razz

your avatar is lovely, just saying.
Yasaka Kanako Report | 09/19/2009 12:40 pm
Yasaka Kanako
Thank you.


So I figured that this "About Me" thing needed a revamp so it didn't sound so noobish. That...didn't work out so well.

Anyway, so this is AirTVfan here. I really need to change my name because Air really isn't my favorite series anymore, but at the same time too many people know me as Air, so I don't know. Well, yes, I do love Air, but meh. I've found other stuff to like. I still adore Kino's Journey. It's basically my favorite anime ever. I've also found some other loves like Slayers and Eden of the East. Last year I found Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. heart I still love the Higurashi anime, even though it's been about three years since I last saw it. I'll read the Umineko visual novels eventually. Some of my older favorites are Full Moon (manga only) and SuperGALS!, though I've liked plenty of other things in the past.

Favorite video games?

No, seriously, it was my first RPG and I still adore the series to this day. Talking about it makes me a happy person. Cannot wait for Dark Dawn.

I also adore Valkyria Chronicles and Dark Cloud 2 (or Dark Chronicle if you played the Japanese or European version). I joined the P3 fanbase in December of '09 (late, I know) but my playthrough has been coming along slowly due to school and whatnot. Too many video games coming out, as well.

Recently, I started playing Skies of Arcadia Legends and all I can say is...wow.

I also love to write, though I won't share much of my writing on my profile.

'Tis me.

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