A Story...

It comes in the form of a girl dreaming of being god
while her closest friends hide the desolate truth that she
has always been the god of a world they all lovingly occupy.
A girl's melancholy is more beautiful than any dream she cries for.

It is a boy who can turn lead into gold and silver,
but lost his brother, mother, and arm in one night.
It is an endless city, but becomes a village hidden in the leaves
with young children who can dream to be as big as mountains.

It is the watch that counts down the end of your life.
Read aloud the text message you received today but was
sent tomorrow. The writings on the memo pad
that records your sins or the airplane you built as a child
to fly around your hometown and heaven.

It is the past you desperately want to remember
or the memory you dreadfully try to forget.
It is the ghost you see in the mirror and the shadow
that follows you in the halls. That perfect girl who feels only
your pain, but fights solely for your happiness.

You hear a language you've never heard before,
yet you understand every word. You hear a stranger's story;
your story. Watch for the dreams of others; born in Fukuoka, Osaka,
and Chiba, to drift across the ancient waters reaching American shores.

It is a thousand years away. It is five minutes from now.
Read the notebook where your death was written. The place
where you go after you die. It is the man dressed in black
come to guide your soul and carries a katana on his sash.
It reminds you that you were never really alive at all.