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DarkLordOfTheSith_Revan Report | 02/15/2008 12:40 am
Log in pud oi.User Image
DarkLordOfTheSith_Revan Report | 02/06/2008 1:34 am
User Image
Ako gabuhan ani.Hehehehe.Ako gipa-scan.Hahahaha.Tan-awa sa ubos nga part.Naa akong pangalan.
DarkLordOfTheSith_Revan Report | 02/06/2008 12:55 am
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You-sa should change your-sa background to classic,okeyday?
DarkLordOfTheSith_Revan Report | 01/31/2008 2:00 am
Setting biggrin ragon City

Artha:There is nothing much to do today.Why do weekends have to be this boring?
Beau:Roar?(meaning:I don't know?Why ask me?)
Lance:Artha!Hey Artha!
Artha:Lance?What is it?
Lance:Two new riders are said to have arrived here in Mid-City(The Middle level of Dragon City)
Artha:There's nothing new about that.
Lance biggrin on't be surprised....
Artha:What is it?
Lance:Their dragons look like Beau!
Beau:Roar?(meaning:Come again?)
Parmon:What Lance is saying is true.Maybe.....Beau's not hte only gold dragon left...
Artha:Hmm....Maybe we should investigate this.Let's go Beau.
Beau:Rooaar!(meaning:Let's go.)

Location:Somewhere near the All-City Racetrack

Artha sad spots the two riders and their dragons)Could that be them?What do you think,boy?
Beau sad Nods)
Artha:Those dragons do look like you,Beau..only they have a different colors.One is red..and the other is yellow.
Beau:Grrrr....?(meaning:Could they be brothers?)
Artha sad approaches the two riders and their dragons)Hello.We haven't seen you around before.Who are you guys?
Hayate(the rider riding on the red dragon):Uh...You first.
Artha:My name's Artha Tannis Penn.This here's Beaucephalis but you could just call him Beau for short.
Hayate(the rider riding on the red dragon) razz leased to meet you.My name is Hayate Sasaki.This here is Fireshadow,but we call him Fire-kun as a nickname.
Fireshadow:Roar...(meaning razz leased to make your aquaintance)
Sora(the rider riding on a yellow dragon):And my name is Sora Konoe.This here is Stormfury.We give him Storm-kun as a nickname.
Stormfury:Roar...(meaning razz leased to meet you.)

*Artha noticed that these two riders have pendants with amulets that very much look like his gold star amulet(Hayate has a gold amulet with a red fire on the center and Sora's amulet is a gold star with a dark blue lightning on the center.Artha has doubts....*

Artha:Hey....You two have amulets....
Hayate:What?Oh...You mean this?
Beau sad stares at the amulets)Roar?(confused)
Fireshadow:Grrr...(meaning:What are you starin' at?)
Beau:Grooaar!(meaning:Those amulets.What else?)
Stormfury:GrooaaaarI(meaning:Stop it.You're making us look stupid!)
Beau:Grooaar....Groaar....(meaning:You're dragons of legend.....aren't you....?)
Artha:You guys are boosters....aren't you.....?
Sora:W-What?What are you talking about?Huh?
Artha:Come on.You can't hide the truth forever.Come on!Spill!
Hayate:Okay.Okay.You win.
Artha:I'm a booster too.The Dragon Booster.
Hayate:Oh.I'm the Shadowflare Booster.
Sora:And I'm the Darkstorm Booster.
Hayate:How cool is that.Gehehehehe.
Sora:By the way...Our dragons are also legendary.
Parmon sad Suddenly bursts out of hiding)Just as I suspected!
Lance:What did I tell you Artha.
Artha:So..Where did you two come from?
Hayate:It's a long story.Take us to your place and we will tell you.

End for now...

Just who is Hayate,Fireshadow,Sora,and Stormfury?Where do they come from?
Find out next time.....




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