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Gender: Female

Location: Historic Hell, WV.

Occupation: Bokononist.

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I'd really love this s**t

This junk

I cannot believe my eyes.
Is the world finally growing wise?

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Because it seems to me,
Some kind of harmony
Is on the rise.


aijin no gekko

Caroline's the name.
I'm all about simplicity.
My favorite things are: rainbows, music, food, books, and friends, in no particular order.
I can be a real b***h when it comes to grammar and spelling.
I'm a huge fan of Life, though I dislike myself frequently.
Really, I'm a huge introvert, and more of an observer. I love watching. Which sort of sounds creepy even to me, but I promise it's not.
I rant too much when I'm bored. Like now.

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DestructiveMusic Report | 10/24/2009 12:05 am
You never get on anymore...
DestructiveMusic Report | 10/10/2009 7:01 pm
User Image
DestructiveMusic Report | 09/25/2009 1:46 pm
www That really is how Katamari is. x]

Also, HOLY JESUS, you got on Gaia. User Image
silversociety Report | 04/19/2009 12:25 am
I'll give you 1500g for your smoke bomb. Send trade if interested.
DestructiveMusic Report | 04/09/2009 12:49 pm
User Image

That's the girl Miyavi impregnated.
DestructiveMusic Report | 03/22/2009 11:44 am
Happy birthday~♥
YakKoko Report | 03/02/2009 10:28 am
lol i haven't been on here for a while so sorry this is a delayed responce.

but yeah thanks for the money, any little bit helps. ^_^b
DestructiveMusic Report | 02/13/2009 11:28 pm
Okay, but I REALLY didn't want to come home Saturday night... It's such a waste of gas.

Wanna tell them I bought your ticket today?

Ian wants to hijack you... Just drive up to the end of your street after work, you jump in the car, and you both "git." XD

So, yeah, you call me about that at 11. :]
DestructiveMusic Report | 02/13/2009 11:11 pm
Oh, my God. Aural was awesome. You HAVE to see them on Sunday. D:

On that note, how are things looking for the rest of the weekend?
DestructiveMusic Report | 02/12/2009 9:33 pm
How's that?

And we should be heading out some time after 2 on Saturday 'cause that's when Ian gets off work.

too frequently, i am here.

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