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Name: Maegan

Nicknames: Meg, Meggy-poo, Megster, Ai

Age: 16

DOB: 9/19

Location: Indiana x3

Ocupation: Student

Wanted Ocupation: WildLife Biologist

Sisters: 0/0

Brothers: 1/1

Claimed Sisters: 4/4

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 107 lbs.

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Blue sometimes green

Grade: 10

Favorite words: "Cookies!"

Favorite breakfast food: Pankcakes

Favorite late night snack: Ice cream x3

Favorite emote: ninja

Do I watch Anime?: Yes, Naruto, InuYasha

Favorite TV shows?: Escape to Chimp Eden
Animal Cops Huston/Miami
Animal Precient
Fairy Godparents
Biggest Loser
Ghost Hunters
Growing Up...

Got a cell phone?: Yes! x3

Love to....
Write Songs
Go to the Movies
Dance (One hell of a dancer x3 )
Watch Television
Listen to my iPod
Listen to the Radio
Go bowling
Go ice skating
Hang out with friends
Talk on YIM or AIM
Call Ashley on random moments <3 (You know I love you sweetie!)


Madina Lake
Three Days Grace
Breaking Benjamin
Rodney Atkins
Toby Keith
Carry Underwood
Kelly Clarkson
Tim Mcgraw
Three Doors Down
Death Cab For Cutie
Metalica (Sp?)
Taylor Swift
Soulja Boy
50 Cent
2 Live Crew
Alan Jackson
Alice In Chains
Axel F
Baby Boy
Big N Rich
Bake Shelton
Brad Paisley
Craig Morgan
Deanna Carter
Dirks Bently
DJ Unk
Faith Hill
Fat Joe & Terror Squad
Garth Brooks
Green Day
Gretchen Wilson
Hank Williams JR, Gretchen Wilson, Big & Rich & Van Zant
Joe Nichols
Josh Turner
Justin Timberlake
Keith Urban
Kenny Chesney
Martina McBride
Miranda Lambert
Randy Travis
Rascal Flatts
Trace Adkins
Trent Tomlinson
Van Halen
White Snake
Baby Huey
Bow Wow
Chris Brown
20 Fingers
11 Fingers
Nine Inch Nails
Pretty Ricky
Usher, Ludicris & Lil' Jon
Young Buck & Lil' Scrappy
Ying Yang Twins
Young Jibbs
The Killers
Hollywood Undead

{{{{More soon to come}}}}}

Lets see. my name is Maegan I go by Meg. ^^ But its all up to you people. Honestly I care less. I love to draw. I am a camera whore. I am nice MOST of the time ^^ I am 16. I live in Indiana. I love watching Anime. Such as, Inuyasha & Naruto. I love scary/gory/funny movies. I love to laugh. I love hugs. I adore cookies. Im not a morning person. I love the dark. My favorite colors are black, hot pink, lime green, and red. I love music! Music, Music, Music. Yay! I listen to Rock, Country, Rap, Hip-Hop, Pop, Alternative, (some) Screamo, and more. My 2 favorite people in the world are Ashley & Alexa. Their both like sisters to me. I claimed them as my sisters so back off. ^^ I claimed Ashleys mom as my mom because shes awesome like that. I hate labels. Im not a soup can so don't label me something when you have no idea what kind of person I am. My friends are included next (most of them that is), Alex, Ashley, Alexa, Jake, Kate, Cate, Tina, Jeremy, A.J, Charity, Alex W., Santana, Shandi, Brittany, Katie, & Elizabeth. Thats all I can think of for now lol. Um I always think. About everything! This sounds silly but I think about everything I do. What my day is going to be layedout as. Who I want to talk to. Things that happend yesterday, last week, last year, last month! What Im gonna do when I get home. What song I wanna listen to next. Etc. I hope you get the point. My layout as of now is Nothing Girl. And thats kind of what I am a Nothing Girl. A song that describes me most (Picked out by Cate) is Adalia by Madina Lake. Below I'll listen the singers or bands I listen to. Um, I wanna be a Wild Life Biologist. <3

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****~Some of my favorite Movies are, Save The Last Dance, Too Fast Too Furious, Step Up, Larry The Cable Guy: Health Inspector, 50 First Dates, Meet The Parents, Stay Alive, White Chicks, and more!

Some of my favorite TV Shows are, Inuyasha, Naruto, Charmed, Reba, Still Standing, Dr. Phill (sometimes), Animal Planet, Pet Star, MTV, MTV2, Ghost Hunters,and more!****~

One of my favorite Icons: User Image
A Cute Icon: User Image
Ninja!: User Image
A totally punk Icon: User Image
Sai's cuz their just cool: User Image
A totally awesome knife that I want: User Image
Wolf Icon: User Image
Yes, I have a fighting spirt...User Image

I am strong, I am bleak, I am everything but weak.
I stand tall before the crowd, enduring the pain of hilmiliation.
Burrowing sorrow, deep of fear.
Burrowing fear, deeper than love.
Yet love is not a word I've seen in long years.
My heart aches as it yerns for something more.
What that is?
I do not know.
I just know, that it is far greater than of what I know.
You see my day in and out.
Floating like a cloud.
Doing the same thing I do everyday.
Nothings different.
Nothings changed.
I go to the same places.
I see all the "happy" faces.
I try to fit in, I really do.
But it all seems hopeless.
I fake a smile.
To hide my pain.
To hide of all my shame.
I only want and wish to be.
Someone different and not the same.
If you were to stand before me now,
you'd probally(sp?) would not see me cry tears of clearness, and with that salty taste.
You would see these tears fall like rain,
they shatter now,
their holding too much pain.
Full of lost, hopelessness, and dark.
Posion seeping from my head.
Only a never ending flow for death.
The tears are black and dark.
Showing heavy scars of ither pain, fear, or pure nothingness.
If given a tissue,
it would only turn to ashes.
Burning instantly at the touch,
for they contain a deadly acid.
One so deadly and profound,
that even one who tries to help would be lost and without a doubt,
not knowing what to do.
So I ask you now,
what would you do?


Anything I Can Think Of...

I LOVE ALEX&3 Happy 6 Months! &3

My journal is both personal and opening to all who read. It consist of personal moments. Daily life. Creations of my own. Either art or writing. Or even just anything really. I'll try my hardest to write in it as much as I can. =) &*Promise*&



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Try this out! Send this to 10 people. Then press F5. And you will get 10,000 gold

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Try this out! Send this to 10 people. Then press F5. And you will get 10,000 gold

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of course! this providence is amazing!! oohh try listening to some different songs by them like

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