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My Different Dream Avatars:

The Temple Knight
~ battle-hardened... heart-hardened.

The Dominatrix
~ There were some who were hardhearted to begin with...

The Guardian
~ Sleep tight. She is ever watchful.

Daddy's Angel
~ There was something strange about the old governor's daughter...

Nature's Lass
~ nature's finest blossom...

The Spirit of the Forest
~ Who said fairies didn't party?

The Sacrificial Maiden
~ Her only fault was that she had endeared herself to Death...

The Winged Messenger
~ Expect your message to be delivered in record time... just not EXACTLY how you said it.

Perversion of a Heroine
~ Who needs the big, black wolf?

Her Own Captain
~ Legend speaks of a female pirate who sailed the seas with only a sprite for a companion (Why couldn't have Captain Hook gotten a Tinkerbell? XD). From her booty, she fashioned herself a golden wing...

~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~ ~*~*~*~

Some of the Art Done for Me

User Image
by Kaowae
(Free! And, sooo cute. ;D)

User Image
by Keimei Umenosuke
(Also free. XD Turned out better than I expected -- awesome.)

User Image
by K i t
(Cost me some. No regrets, though. Cuuute. <3)

User Image
by tenki
(A token of appreciation for my small donation. sweatdrop I love it!!!)

User Image
by PanDurR CoOkiezZ
(Cost me one white ink plus tip. Worth a looot more - Just look at it! heart )

User Image
by Asphyxian
(This image shows that 1k plus tip can go a looong way. I <3 it!!)


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deathinmypocket Report | 06/23/2020 2:16 pm
Thank you for your purchase.
KanaeKaszim Report | 06/09/2020 6:55 am
gaia_angelleft Thank you for the purchase =^.^= gaia_angelright
xXJames456Xx Report | 05/07/2020 4:51 am
at least someone on my friends list is active
Leiannore Report | 04/01/2020 6:43 am
nice avi! i feel like yours and mine are polar opposites surprised
frankencutiee Report | 07/14/2012 9:39 pm
Yeah lmao I never come on I start school Monday! ^___^
I miss talking to you!
frankencutiee Report | 07/14/2012 12:33 am
Seruleane Report | 03/27/2012 4:17 am
cool avi
kurretaeni Report | 11/27/2011 8:35 am
cool avi
Tenshi_Ryuechi Report | 10/01/2011 8:44 am
HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum_puddi
User Image
User Image
Seruleane Report | 03/28/2011 6:55 pm
Hey! blaugh Hope you're doing well! wink
Maplestory.. I want to download it. O.o


Bunny and Cat Unite: A Joint Quest Thread
Drawing freebs


Special Thanks To:

x_working_guy_x ~ for donating gold

enter_the_dark ~ for donating gold, an ohhh~cean blue head wrap, a white flow prom dress and a magical island orb

the knight of 100 muffins ~ for donating gold, ice cream, a naruto kunai and a mimzy aura

the dead native nations ~ for donating gold

rawr_84 ~ for donating gold

black-cat 13-black ~ for donating slate chess socks

hells_eclipse ~ for donating cream capri

Beastly Lilic ~ for donating mythrill armor

Rainbow Lei ~ for donating gold

Story X3 ~ for donating cool basic shirt

Iccolo ~ for donating soft ivory hoodie

pumpkinboo ~ for donating bunny luv

DICKTIONARY ~ for donating pink ribbon skirt

Mohca Dream ~ for donating pink knit jacket

The Ritzy ~ for donating 23000g

xHeartDaeMonx ~ for donating 2500g

Aoi Amaya Chan ~ for donating collared blue wrap dress

Kiskil-lilla ~ for donating grace of eros, collared blue wrap dress, syaoran's cloak, neutral starter rocker girl capri jeans, black ruffled top, neutral starter rocker girl flats, g-lol dark mistress boots, spiderwick field guide, plasma gear, cary brothers shirt, cloud zebra top, long black sparkle top and sandleather glamrock belt

Peopleofthebox ~ for donating 6000g

DieTotgeburtDesZeus ~ for donating zombie's soul


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