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Age: 17
Ht: 5ft,7in
Wt: 145 lbs
Rank: Jounin
Village: Hidden Leaf Village

Ahiku has been cursed by Orochimaru and he does possess a curse mark. Ahiku has full control of his curse mark and its stronger than his fathers curse mark.

Abysmal Blade: After Ahiku was killed he was revived when a soul from within this blade was infused with his body, afterwhich his body was infused with the dark chakra within this blade and not his regular chakra. This blade is infused with a dark energy. The dark power within the blade absorbs all foreign energies, auras and life forces. It absorbs the energies and souls little by little depending on how long it was touching the person. It is not automatic. The dark energy in concentrated on the blade of the weapon so grabbing the hilt has no effect on the user. The sword only reacts to a being who houses the same type of chakra that the blade emits and as such only Ahiku can wield it. All energy absorbed by this blade is converted to chakra and feed into Ahiku. The blades appearance depends on the fighting style of the holder. The blade is as strong as the power combination of the souls within. In Ahiku’s case it is a huge blade. (like Clouds buster sword for example) The blade's energy doesn't effect Ahiku as he is already infused with the same type of chakra.

Iron Fist
Strong Fist Taijutsu
Laijutsu Style Sword
Divine Fist

Primary Lotus
Hidden Lotus
True Hidden Lotus
Divine Fist
Siege Breaker
8-Trigram Rotation
Gryphon Trampling

Divine fist of the Abyss: Tis technique releases a wave of Ahiku's black chakra. On cantact this drains the enemies chakra by 20% as well as doing devestating damage.

All Fire Style Techniques
Forest of Fire: This covers an entire area in fire. The range depends on how much chakra Ahiku is willing to use.
Shadow clone Jutsu
Water Dragon Missle
Hidden Mist Jutsu
Chidori Nagashi
Elemental Manipulation: This technique allows the user to manipulate all elements using a sacred elemental scroll. The user can use the elements in their every existing form.
Blade of Wind

Realm of the Abyss: This jutsu creates a dome of black chakra from the abysmal blade. While inside the realm the opponent will be drained little by little of their chakra until finally they're soul will begin to be absorbed. (Each of which takes 5 posts.)

Abysmal Seal: Ahiku possesses a highly unnatural amount of chakra due to his absorbtion ability. This technique uses 3/4 of his total chakra to work perfectly and without fail. A large sealing symbol appears underneath him((Similar to my current Avitar))and when the opponent comes within reach of this they are magnetically held by an unseen force and bound by their own chakra. Ahiku then backs ou of the circle and the opponent floats into it. It is here that Ahiku is able to extract 3 things from an opponent. Soul, chakra, or Bijuu. After this ahiku has 1/4 of his chakra left in case of other enemies.

Spiritual Dance: Crescent moon Wave: this attack uses an edged weapon to fire chakra at an opponent. When the victim is hit by this attack it cuts through the opponents chakra system causing the chakra within to flow outward. The chakra backs up inside the persons body causing them to explode.
Spiritual Dance: Half moon Wave: This attack has the same effect as its weaker version. This time however the user releases a wave of smaller chakra slices within the entire 180 degree space in front of them.
Twin Shadow Feint Jutsu: The user swings their sword at the victim but it goes through the victim without cutting. The user appears in front of the victim and the victim is impaled by the user in front followed by a clone in the back stabbing the victim. The damage is not done until the user sheathes his sword. (Keep in mind that all movement associated with this technique is at an unimaginable speed and isn’t easily avoided)

Rising and Falling Technique: The user sends his victim skyward and throws his sword at the victim. The sword passes through the victim without cutting. The blade then splits into 5 perfectly timed shadow/water clones(depending on your skills). As quickly as the user drops his hand the blades fall through the victim at the same speed. Only the first 2 parts of this technique are avoidable.

Tsukuyomi Black Dream
Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death

The 3 wolf Summons

Musashi the Wolf Warrior
This is a normal sized wolf. Its color is black and its elements earth and wind.
This summon is known for his speed and excellent wind manipulation. He holds a blade in his mouth that is two sided, and he uses this well with the wind. His wind techniques are so powerful that they are capable of blowing the skin off of an opponent.

Asuka the wolf Queen
The Wolf Queen is far greater in size than Musashi. She is characterized by her pink color and her element is fire. Her flames are always white until she uses her full power and they become black flames. Her fire can melt the coldest Ice. She has the ability to reverse Ninjutsu.

Yamato the Wolf King
This is the most powerful wolf summon of the three. He is represented by a light blue color. His element is Ice/water. His Ice is so cold that it can freeze the hottest flame.

Luminix Dragon of the abyss
Luminix is a being formed from the abysmal chakra. Upon his appearnce a huge area of at least 600 meters is covered in the abysmal black chakra. Unlike the realm of the abyss this drains the opponent more rapidly(allowing only 2 posts to kill Ahiku. If its only a spar Ahiku will not use this technique...in which case you won't even be reading this.) Luminix can breath an extremely hot black flame that also absorbs the soul of the opponent. (Luminix can only remain on the battle field for three posts.)

The Soul Blade

This summon allows Soryuju to summon a sword from the spirit world. This sword can only be wielded by the summoner. This blade is intangible and as such it cannot interact with anything in the physical world. Its purpose is to attack the soul of an opponent. This summoning has a drawback. The longer the summoner wields this blade little by little his soul is absorbed. This technique shortens the users lifespan.
Holding this blade also protects all souls within me from destruction and leeching of the soul.

The chrono blade

This is a sword forged by the god of time. I has a constant aura of time manitplation around itself. At the cost of very much chakra I can expand its effective range for reversing fast forwarding or completely stopping time. Using this twice usually drains all of Soryuju's chakra but not the 3-Eyed wolf demons. When all of his own chakra is depleted he stops using the chrono blade.

Gedo Mark Seal: This technique uses 80% of a ninja's chakra(Not including demon chakra of the cursemark chakra) to seal the kekkai-genkai on an enemy. Afterwhich the enemy cannot use their kekkai-genkai until the seal is released. It is not required to come in physical contact with the victim for the seal to take effect.
This jutsu homes in on the targets chakra.

Gedo Mark Confusion: This technique uses 40% of the a ninja's chakra to take control of an enemy nin and have them do their bidding. While the victim is under this technique they can feel no pain of fatigue. They can however be put to sleep through genjutsu. It is not required to come in physical contact with the victim for the seal to take effect.
This jutsu homes in on the targets chakra.

Twin Snakes Sacrifice Jutsu

Soryuju Hyuuga
Ahiku was on Soryuju's first team along with Iaia Hyuuga and Ijen Hyuuga.

Kakashi Hatake
Ahiku learned Rai kiri and took sharingan training under Kakashi.

Gai Sensei
Ahiku Stidied under Gai in the strong fist art.


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