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Hello, my name is Ally.
Call me Cat or Kitten, I like nicknames, preferably those two I have listed.
I am 22 years old, turning 23 this year!
I am 4'8" and 79 lbs (High metabolism).
I am nice, shy, kind, gentle and would never be a d**k head to you unless you are to me, that's how I roll.
I prefer to just stay back and not be a d**k, but I have my limits, everybody does.
I LOVE cats, I love them so freakin much, but I won't hoard them though, I just love them a lot... like... a lot a lot. >.<
Anyways... I like many colors, my two favorite colors are Black and red.
I love Japanese food, Korean, Chinese and Asian.
I also love Mexican food, I love Lengua.... If you haven't tried it before, don't knock it til you try it, alright? It's delicious. Especially with lettuce, fried rice, re-fried beans, sour cream, -drools- gaia_spoons
I also love Mtn.Dew and junk food, I am a junkie at heart <3 Those days of playing video games and sitting on my a** 24/7 shoving chips in my mouth... good times...
I of course go outside, my favorite thing to do is just sit out there and let the sun hit my back, soothing and calm and relaxing enough to fall asleep.
I also have a boyfriend, 2 years and going on strong.
I am also Bi-sexual, because why the hell not? Both genders are both sexually attractive in my eyes.
Also, if you see me questing, PLEASE help out, it would mean a lot to me ^_^ Kindness is a great thing you can be for somebody.

Turns out I get to live longer! Though my teeth are still crappy, my molar has been removed thanks to my Grandmother Jayne, she's the only family member I have that cares, sadly she can only donate $50.00 a week, but eventually that will pile up to my 2k goal to removing all of my teeth. I need about $2,090.00
for oral surgery of every tooth extracted. That extra $90.00 will be for this gas stuff they will put me under and it's strong stuff so I need that if I am gonna go through all teeth in one go. The procedure is gonna be long, it will be performed by students at a School of Dentistry (The only place I can afford). I fear the dentists completely! But somehow I have gotten over my fear, but just by a little bit.A lady who works there is very kind, patient and strong, two of them actually. And hope in the future, the both of them can work on me because I trust them. I was kept calmed and slightly relaxed. And I am glad to know they were the people who have helped me and helped by extending my life even further, along with my grandmother who is willing to help out. My grandmother works at Wal-Mart and has been for about 10+ years, knowing that I can't help but feel bad because she's helping me out. Even though I need the help very badly, money is a thing everybody needs.
So even though I have my grandmother helping me, It would still be awesome if other people helped too just so I can stop feeling like I am taking advantage of her even though this is her own doing. I just always feel guilty when somebody is being nice to me... lol I was bullied a lot so ... the nice treatment feels weird in any form. I go as far as even questioning why my boyfriend of 2 years is even with me. I know the answer, and he tells me it all the time. btw did I mention I have depression? Yeah I got that.. it makes me deep think... like, a lot of deep thinking. And anxiety, they are best friends and they always come hand in hand approaching me whenever they feel like it. sweatdrop

So again, treat me with care, kindness, and love and I will do the same back with the unknown time that I have left. gaia_kittenstar

gaia_angelleft Thank you gaia_angelright

gaia_star Sincerely, Ally gaia_star

PS: This is my donation fund, My name is Kristin, yes, but I prefer Ally because of a very long super long story behind it.
If you support me, even a little bit, you're helping me to continue to live my life normally, step by step, and to continue breathing as well.



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