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PM me to rp, ill do something with this later. (=u=)



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Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 10:36 pm
(0w 0 ) emotion_bigheart
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 9:50 pm
*hugs and offers cookie*
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 9:05 pm
Oh!!! teh sadness!!! teh regretttt!!! gonk gonk nnnnoooooooo!!!! *goes to the corner and cries*
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 7:35 pm
xd xd xd xd
i never said i didnt want the hi-five. those are mere supositions of yours~~ emotion_yatta emotion_awesome
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 7:27 pm
laaaw of the jungle my man.. laaaw of the jungle (Ux U)
if youre not heartless, then they eat you alive....
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 7:13 pm
emotion_0A0 ok... how about you gimme $18 and you keep all tah cookies ma friend, AND the rest of tah haloween candy. Not accepting less talk2hand
if there's no deal i'll have to go to jim and tony and let them finish the job on that poor lady's fridge yum_sandwichcookie yum_donut yum_onigiri yum_pizza yum_puddi yum_strawberry yum_coldone yum_bacon yum_wasabipie yum_burger
yoooooour chooooice emotion_0A0
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 6:59 pm
nah... i want $15 and half the box of their favorite cookies emotion_donotwant emotion_donotwant emotion_donotwant
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 6:03 pm
gaia_gaiagold gaia_gaiagold XDDDDD roflmaooooo only if you shaaaare~~
a few bucks won't hurttt gaia_gaiagold gaia_gaiagold gaia_gaiagold emotion_kiss
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 4:42 pm
deal!!! X3 emotion_brofist emotion_hug
Epsiloth Report | 11/08/2020 4:10 pm
Well... I haven't been noticed yet.... (^~< wink /


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