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Birthday: 01/01


Name: Chris Stewart
Status: Married (Engaged In real life)
Actual Birthday: Nov. 29
Location: Paris, France
Music Group: Maroon 5, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, & Vocaloid
About: Sweet, smart, fun, gentlemen, athletic, & singer
What to say: this boy gave me this account out of random proportion and cleaned everything out. I hope to start being mentioned around here. There is nothing to say but for the fact that I need clothes for my avatar. The items are listed in my wish list if anyone asks. If you do gift these items, I will do what I can to pay you back. If you do this for kindness, I thank you fellow Americans, Comrades, Asians,& European people for all of your help.

I thank you for your time being in my profile area. Thank you good sir/miss. ^.^ 3nodding

Soldiers stand up against there enemies.....

But Ghosts....Haunt Them......

The Love of my Life. My Wife Destiny..I love you honey! <3