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Wanari Report | 08/25/2010 11:34 am
Wanari Report | 12/11/2009 5:14 pm
Your avatar is pretty. biggrin
ToriiToxic Report | 08/18/2009 12:51 pm
Wanari Report | 08/08/2009 2:42 pm
Yea, I know. You quit why come back suddenly out of the ******** blue? Oh, well. I am getting the scarf back that I sold that wasn't his. Because I sold his the first time and then I bought it agian, which isn't his if I bought it with my own gold. 8D Now I gotta buy it back. x3 Plus I gave you that letter which was his, but it was mine and now it is yours! x3
Anyway, It took me a while to take in what you said. I thought you meant "IT IS HIS AND HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS" and I was about to be like "What, my friend doesn't side with me! Dx"
anyway, trying to win some s**t. 3.8 mil. Also on my other mule trying to win a demonic pendent. x3
That is the link. LET'S GET 3.8 MIL! x3 and an OMG!
Wanari Report | 08/08/2009 1:57 pm
Yes, Absolute boyfriend is cute isn't it? x3
I love the Drama. lulz. My cousin came back and now he wants his s**t back when he said I could have it, from what I recall, plus I already sold those s**t. He can just get his stuff back from working for it. He should know that I would obviously sell it. Why the ******** did he come back anyway. That was plain stupid, saying you'll quit and now you're back on. D=< WELL, b***h I DON'T GOT IT! Btw what you doing? 8D how was your grandpa birthday? x3
Wanari Report | 08/07/2009 6:08 pm
Hay! You're online at such a late hour? ;o
Wanari Report | 08/05/2009 7:06 pm
Tomorrow I am going to help you. If Mcafee doesn't pop up then you have to go to it's folder that it is kept in. And I am pretty sure it is kept in that place where all the document you save is kept. 8D Don't worry! I will try to fix it. Emphasis on the TRY part. XB
Wanari Report | 08/04/2009 8:30 pm
When did it happen? And why wasn't I not there? xd You really need a pop-up blocker s**t. rofl
Hm, hooking up with old grandma's. Sounds great!
ToriiToxic Report | 08/03/2009 5:11 pm
Many times.
What about you?
ToriiToxic Report | 08/03/2009 4:02 pm
Yea I have attempted Suicide a LOT of times.
So I don't even care anymore.
I'm also emo.
But I kinda keep it to myself.